Xecuter X360usb Hdd Hacker Tool Download

Posted By admin On 29/11/21
  1. X360usb Pro V2 Drivers
  2. Xecuter X360usb Hdd Hacker Tool Download Windows 10
  3. Xecuter X360usb Hdd Hacker Tool Download
  4. X360usb Pro
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    westl. Münsterland
    PS3 60GB
    - 50004 - V10
    Xboc 360 Slim Elite 120GB Halo Edition
    NSW Erista v1 AMSplus 11.01 AMS M18.1 E
    NDS Lite

    Hier bekommt ihr die aktuelle Software für den x360 USB Pro:

    x360 USB Pro Firmware:

    - Liteon Turbo Mode added. If you thought it was fast before.....
    - Slim Read / Write functions added.
    - Optimized all Phat read / write functions
    - Improved Hitachi code
    - Embedded Phatkey code - much faster Liteon key extraction with Probe 3 / PMT
    - Various tweaks and other improvements

    - Initial Release

    x360 USB Pro Updatetool:

    - Many fixes and improvements
    - Fixed HDD lock issue
    - Code added for new features to be announced very soon

    - Internal Release

    - Internal Release

    - Initial Release

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X360usb Pro V2 Drivers

JungleFlasher Current Version: v0.1.90 Beta (292) Written by Team Jungle Category: Firmware Tools Page Views: 59,007 JungleFlasher is a Windows GUI program for flashing Xbox 360 DVD drives. As for flashing the drive these days I believe you need to buy extra hardware such as the Xecuter X360USB PRO V2. It did used to be possibly just using a PC's SATA port, however I know as time went on that became a lot more difficult.

Xecuter X360usb Hdd Hacker Tool Download Windows 10

Xecuter X360 USB Pro V2 This powerful all-in-one tool is the result of an intense design collaboration between Team Xecuter and Team Jungle. The X360USB.Xecuter X360USB PRO 2 Convert any WD Hard Drive to be 360 Compatible using X360USB PRO HDD Hacker tool in Windows! To support the the new HDD capabilities of the X360USB PRO, we have begun to manufacture a range of new products to give you a clean and professional Hard Drive update experience. The X360USB PRO HDD HACKER TOOL is sponsored by www.xconsoles.com so we are happy to direct you to their website for special offers on these new products including.

Xecuter X360usb Hdd Hacker Tool Download

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X360usb Pro

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