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Posted By admin On 29/11/21

Super Bluetooth Hack is one such software that is designed to hack into a mobile phone. This software uses Bluetooth AT commands to get access to target device and read its contents. Super Bluetooth hacks can be used to read SMS message, contacts, start or shutdown, make calls on a less secure target mobile phone. Download Super Bluetooth hack. Super Bluetooth Hack is designed to allow you to see and edit files on a Bluetooth-connected Android smartphone. In order to install Super Bluetooth Hack, you'll need to download the hack file and then install a Java emulator app. Bluetooth hacking tools. Contribute to 0x90/bluetooth-arsenal development by creating an account on GitHub. Download super bluetooth hack for nokia mobile Tags: Windows NT 10.0, Windows NT 10.0, Windows NT 6.3, Windows Server, 10.6 Snow Leopard, Apple Darwin, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Windows Vista. Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08 free download, and many more programs.

Once connected to a another phone via bluetooth you can call many functions.
- read his messages
- read his contacts


- change profile
- play his ringtone even if phone is on silent
- play his songs(in his phone)
- restart the phone
- switch off the phone
- restore factory settings
- change ringing volume

- And here comes the best
“Call from his phone” it includes all call functions like hold etc.

1.) When connecting devices use a code 0000
2.) At start of programm on smartphones do not forget to turn on bluetooth before start of the application
Super bluetooth hack mobile download pc

This is another Bluetooth remote control app that was requested by a reader. It’s similar to MagicBlueHack but seems to work better. The app’s real name is “:BT_INFO” but most free download sites list it as “Super Bluetooth Hack”.

I installed it on my i776 and used it to connect to a Nokia N95-3 phone. The two phones need to be paired and the remote phone’s user has to allow the app to access it.

Super Bluetooth Hack Mobile Download Free

Many of the advertised functions (accessing the media player, making the remote phone ring, setting alarms, reading stored SMS messages, locking the keyboard, disabling the cellular radio) were either disabled as incompatible or did not work, but a few did:

  • I could make calls from my i776 using the N95-3’s account and radios. The calls seemed clear and I could hear the other party and they could hear me.
  • I was able to view a lot of information about the remote phone including; phone number, firmware version, battery level, signal strength, network ID and SIM ID.
  • I could turn the N95-3 off by choosing “Minimum Functionality (Transceiver Off) “from the “Phone Function” menu.

The supported functions will vary depending on the type of phone you connect to.

When you first start it the app is in Slovenian. To change it to English:

  • It should start on a page labeled “Nastavenia”, if it does not click on “Nastavenia” in the main menu. On the “Nastavenia” page.
  • Click – “Sloven ina”
  • Click “English”
  • Press the Menu key
  • Press the Left Softkey (labeled “Spa “)

Type: Freeware
Author: Marek Šedivý – Product Page
Data Connection Required: No
Reported Working On: Motorola i776, Motorola, i456, Motorola i856, Nokia N95
Reported Not Working On: LG ks360, LG Cookie Lite, Motorola i290, Samsung Craft

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Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for Java ME phones only.

How To Install Super Bluetooth Hack On Android (with Pictures)

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