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This is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It contains fixes for several bugs and inconsistencies found in the original game. Super Sonic can be used more safely and the transformation can be activated after pressing a button in mid-air, some minor graphical glitches were repaired, game physics are more consistent, and much more.

I have created one list of roms hacks to download, it have 161 hacks in list. The name of roms hack is listed below:
Amy in Sonic 1 v1.0
Anti-Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Ashura in Sonic 1
Ashura the Hedgehog
Eggman in Sonic 1
Knuckles in Sonic 1
Knuckles in Sonic 2 (BIOHAZARD)
Mighty the Armadillo Beta 0.3
Mighty the Armadillo Beta 1.0
Mighty the Armadillo Beta 1.5
Mighty the Armadillo Beta 3.0
Mighty the Armadillo v.4.16
New Sonic 2 1.5 (U) (REV01)
New Sonic 3
NSA 2 beta 1 demo
Project Shadow 2 Demo 4 (v1.00)
Project Shadow Demo 4 Bonus
Ray in Sonic 1 v4.0
Red Hot Sonic 2
Robotnik's Revenge v1
Sonic 1 & Knuckles - Tails In Special Stages
Sonic 1 Alpha Hoax
Sonic 1 Amy
Sonic 1 Athens
Sonic 1 Beta Hoax
Sonic 1 Beta Remake v004
Sonic 1 Bouncy Edition
Sonic 1 chao walker
Sonic 1 Code Gray V1.0
Sonic 1 dr iks
Sonic 1 Easy
Sonic 1 Extended Edition (First Release)
Sonic 1 Fantasy Worlds Release 0.99 Super Sonic Build
Sonic 1 Fantasy Worlds Release 0.99
Sonic 1 Fantasy
Sonic 1 Gaiden v04
Sonic 1 Harder Levels (6th Project's aniversary)
Sonic 1 Harder Levels v005 Beta 2
Sonic 1 Harder Levels v005 DEMO 01
Sonic 1 Hyperx V1
Sonic 1 Mega Hack Public Release 1
Sonic 1 Mega Hack Ultra Rare Version
Sonic 1 Megamix v1.0
Sonic 1 Megamix v2.0
Sonic 1 Megamix v3.0
Sonic 1 Megamix v4.0 (U).iso
Sonic 1 Metal Sonic
Sonic 1 Metallix
Sonic 1 Mobius Adventures 2.5
Sonic 1 Mobius Adventures 2.7.5
Sonic 1 Neo Adventures v0.1
Sonic 1 Neo Adventures v0.2
Sonic 1 New Version EggMan Attack!
Sonic 1 Nineko Edition
Sonic 1 Oergomized v4.2
Sonic 1 Open Source Project 0.05
Sonic 1 Pixel Perfect Beta 1
Sonic 1 Planets in Marble Zone
Sonic 1 Plus v0.1
Sonic 1 Plus v0.2
Sonic 1 project unknown
Sonic 1 Psycho
Sonic 1 Real-Time Demo Recording
Sonic 1 Remastered v.1.1
Sonic 1 Remastered
Sonic 1 Remix WIP - Green Hill
Sonic 1 Remix
Sonic 1 Return to the Origin v2
Sonic 1 Richrodgers
Sonic 1 SA1
Sonic 1 Seizure
Sonic 1 South Island Adventure v0.3
Sonic 1 Spindash
Sonic 1 Splats The Rabbit
Sonic 1 SSRG Tech Demo
Sonic 1 SSRG [Built on 18th January 2009 22.02] [Demo] (Dedicated)
Sonic 1 Supersonic in South Island Adventure v0.2
Sonic 1 The 7th Emerald
Sonic 1 The Blue Blur
Sonic 1 The Final Showdown (v2.1)
Sonic 1 Tikal
Sonic 1 TSH Beta 2
Sonic 1 TSH Beta 3
Sonic 1 Ultima 1337
Sonic 1 weird
Sonic 1 Westside Island
Sonic 1 with Sonic 2 Menu
Sonic 1 xmas
Sonic 1 ZX - January 24, 2009 Demo
Sonic 1 ZX
Sonic 2 & Knuckles Long Version v1.8
Sonic 2 (SA2 style - Light Side v1.6.7)
Sonic 2 Advanced Edit Release 3 beta
Sonic 2 Advanced Edit
Sonic 2 Aluminum Edition
Sonic 2 Armageddon Game
Sonic 2 Delta 0.23
Sonic 2 Delta 2
Sonic 2 Delta II 10A
Sonic 2 Delta III v0.2

Sonic 2 Download Free

Sonic 2 Delta IV v0.01
Sonic 2 Delta
Sonic 2 EX v.4.2
Sonic 2 GHZ v0.2
Sonic 2 Haven Light and Sunset
Sonic 2 haz
Sonic 2 hell
Sonic 2 Homing attack
Sonic 2 Ice Knights
Sonic 2 Innovative
Sonic 2 Long Version v1.8.1
Sonic 2 Lost Paradise Version 2
Sonic 2 Mecha World
Sonic 2 Megamix
Sonic 2 Millenium Edition v.0.85
Sonic 2 More Than A Memory - The Perfect Existance
Sonic 2 Omega
Sonic 2 Rabid
Sonic 2 Recreation Demo
Sonic 2 Remix
Sonic 2 Retro Remix (new version)
Sonic 2 Retro Remix
Sonic 2 S3 Edition v1.11
Sonic 2 Salus
Sonic 2 SMTP
Sonic 2 Team Black Force
Sonic 2 The Hybridization Project
Sonic 2 Tohaka v0.21
Sonic 2 ultimate
Sonic 2 Underwater
Sonic 2 xp

Sonic Advance 2 Super Sonic Hack Download

Sonic 2 Zeta Overdrive EHZ Beta
Sonic 2 Zeta Overdrive SAGE Beta
Sonic 2 Zeta Overdrive
Sonic 2010 Demo 2 (aka Independence Demo)
Sonic 2K (1 Mb)
Sonic 2z v.0.50
Sonic 3 & Knuckles Master Edition
Sonic 3 Delta v0.1a
Sonic 3D (no flickie)
Sonic and the Secret Extended Edition
Sonic Boom
Sonic for MegaCD (U).iso
Sonic in paynt 2
Sonic in paynt
Sonic Rings 2 PRO
Sonic Rings 2Sonic 2 download free pc
Sonic Rings 3 V0.1
Sonic Rings PRO
Sonic Rings
Sonic The Lost Land 2
Sonic The Lost Land
Sonic The Sequel - Unmastered (v2)
Sonic Uno v0.3a
Sonic X
Tails in Sonic 1 v2.1.1
The S Factor - Sonia and Silver
Zonic final version
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Hyper Sonic Code Sonic 2

Hello to all of the sonic flamed fanatics out there!!we create this mini game for you to have fun with sonic in heigh level in her journey in woods.when sonic grow up and bein stronger her color change to red.with color of angre and sonic power we merge this two and create and give you the flamed sonic in this good the mini game you trying to collect a lot of cash to go other worlds and collect more.i want to have fun and receive a lot of fun when you playing with this sonic arcade and journey this mini game you gonna jumping and running Smash opponents and jumping Barriers, earn coins also you gonna explore fresh worlds with passthe levels.featuresSmooth gameplaySimple and simple to useNice melody and sound effectsAmazing mini game controlthis mini game is gratis and we created it for you.Enjoy playing this mini game , and don't forget to rate us and give us your opinion about this mini game to create it more fun .

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Super Sonic Hack Download

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