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PSP Go (N1000) PSP Street (E1000) PS Vita 1000/2000. Option 1 gives you the classic PSP handheld. The PSP Go is more compact and has a smaller screen; it it great for taking it on the road. The Street (E1000) is a bare bones system and will get the job done, but is missing some features like stereo speakers and WiFi. To do this, first download the 5.03 firmware update here. Next, plug your PSP into the computer, and turn on USB mode from the Settings Menu. Now, on your computer, access the PSP like you would.

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Since Sony's PSP 6.61 firmware update the PSP scene has come alive and a few more interesting developments have been made. We recently reported the updated Chronoswitch which allows downgrading PSP's from firmware 6.61 to 6.60. Developer qwikrazor87 at around the same time also released this PSP custom firmware. Check it out.​

Psp Go Hack


  • PRO-C f3 for 6.61, CIPL flasher left out intentionally since I don't know anything about it, I just used the keys/offsets for 6.60 (which won't work obviously).​

    Edit: For devs interested, only offsets I had to update were in reboot.bin.

    sceBootLfatOpen = 0x0000B6C0
    sceBootLfatRead = 0x0000AD58
    sceBootLfatClose = 0x00009C78
    sceBootLfatOpen = 0x0000B780
    sceBootLfatRead = 0x0000AE18
    sceBootLfatClose = 0x00009D38

Download:6.61 PRO-C f3 / Source Code:procfw_6.61_source
Source:qwikrazor87 via wololo

PlayStation Portable Information

PSP stands for PlayStation Portable and it is precisely as the name tells you. It is the first handheld console made by Sony and it is one of the most popular, even today. The unit was developed and released in 2004 in Japan. The following year, in 2005 it became available in the United States, Europa and other parts of the globe. The unit we all know is actually the 7th generation of portable Sony console and the main rival was Nintendo DS.

There are a lot of interesting and important facts regarding the PlayStation Portable. First of all, it was introduced in 2003 and back then it was the most powerful handheld console in history. It was significantly more powerful than Nintendo DS and all other consoles. It is also the only console that was considered as the main rival to the Nintendo DS. Nokia N-Gage and New Geo pocket were considered failures to poor sales figures. PlayStation Portable was the only console to use UMD or universal media disc to play games and all other media files. Other devices use memory cards and cartridges. However, PlayStation Portable has a memory card slot as well.

One of the reasons why it was a big hit is the major graphics improvements and raw power. The unit was able to push more advanced games and to be used as a device that can play movies, play music and surf the web. It is also able to connect to PS2 and 3 and any computer running Mac OS or Windows.

Psp Hack 6.60 Download

The device was ended in 2014 and a new version known as Vita was introduced. They share similar designs and features but Vita is more powerful and able to play more advanced games. PlayStation Portable was sold in 80 million copies during its lifespan and marked a major event in human history. Many of us believe that this device is responsible for the ability to purchase and use handheld devices of the modern era that come with outstanding capabilities.

Psp Hack

The PSP is powered by 20-333 MHz MIPS R4000 CPU, has 32MB of memory (all PSP 1000 models) or 64MB if you opt for later 2000 or 3000 version. The memory card used is Memory Stick Micro and Memory Stick Duo. 16 GB of flash memory was available.

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