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Name: Pokemon Rusty
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Dorkly
Source at Dorkly’s Channel: Youtube
This is the adventure of a young and inexperienced Pokemon trainer named Rusty who is always fail in whatever he is doing. His feature is the white glasses on his face. He is too naive and stupid to become a true trainer. His intelligence is very very low, nearly he knows nothing about Pokemon. Moreover, he often kills his Pokemon accidentally. Wherever he goes, there are disasters there. Always be inspired by his hero Red, he named his Kakuna “Pikachu” and always “respect” it in his own ways.

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Enjoy a new storyline about one of the most failed – stupid Pokemon trainers in this world.
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  1. Pokemon Scarlet Version - GBA Rom Hack With Kalos Trainers, Serena, New Region, New Story!. DOWNLOAD LINK. Author: houndoomed http://inurls.co/u8Fqb1Pokemon.
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  3. This page contains links to the GBA ROM Hacks. The list will be updated with relevant information and possibly download links in the future. For GBC/GB Hacks. Pokemon A Grand Day Out. Pokemon Abandoned Ruby. Pokemon Adamantite. Pokemon Advanced Adventure. Pokemon Advanced Version.

Pokemon X And Y Rom Hack

What’s new

Pokemon Super Scarlet Rom Hack Download Windows 10

  • A new region called Koyoto. It is located in the South of Sinnoh region. It’s usually a large and sunny region, although some areas are covered in snow. There is a large attraction about this region: the Tri-Islands. They are a triangle of three small islands. From here, many mysterious and strange things are happening around Koyoto. You will also know about the legend of a city under the sea.
  • New TMs-HMs for your Pokemon.
  • Many kinds of new items and berries.
  • There are 8 new gyms with their leaders.
  • 149 new Pokemon have been added. These are the customized Pokemon of the author.
  • The new Pokemon type: Light.

Pokemon Super Scarlet Rom Hack Download

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