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Pokemon Platinum Version (US) ROM Download for Nintendo DS NDS. Play Pokemon Platinum Version (US) for Free on your PC, Mac or Linux device. Pokemon Origin Platinum V1.51 (Unofficial Patch) Hack developed by Lazerith Current Status: Fan-patched V1.51 Working Summary: Pokemon Origin Platinum is a self-contained hack of Pokemon Platinum. Pokemon Light Platinum DS is one the most successful Pokemon DS rom hack. The original Pokemon Light platinum for GBA was released in 2011, and due to the game’s growing popularity, the developer made a remake of Pokemon Light Platinum using Pokemon HeartGold as a ROM base and making it available for Nintendo DS. Pokemon Bloody Platinum DS ROM Download. Pokemon HeartGold Version and Pokemon SoulSilver Version return players to the scenic Johto region first introduced in the beloved original Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver games nearly a decade ago. The richly detailed adventure of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver is now enhanced for the Nintendo DS.

Name: Pokemon Prestigious Platinum
Remake by: blue
Source – credit: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=284215
Today, I will Pokemon Prestigious Platinum. It’s NDS Hack rom by blue! It’s English.. lol! A long time, I don’t play a new NDS Hack Rom… So this game is a feature hack where you can have a game similar to Pokemon Platinum but Harder and some changing about Evolutions, Abilities, Stats and Type on Pokemon. Anyway, It’s Beta 1.1 but it’s completed! Thanks Blue for hacking this game!

Difficulty – The difficulty of the whole game dynamic has been intensifyed, this means that every Gym Leader, Elite Four Member, Trainer etc has been edited! This also includes rematches with trainers and other important NPC’s. I can assure you that every individual trainer has been edited including their rematch teams!
Pokémon – All Pokémon are available in game, whether that be in the wild or via evolution, you will be able to obtain all 493 Pokémon.
Documents – As you will notice with the download, I have compiled several documents which will provide you with ALL the information needed to know about this hack and how it differs from the original game.
Evolutions – Many evolutions that require trade, happiness, items etc have been changed, not all but a vast majority of them allowing you to fill up your Pokédex! – You can find a list in the “General Changes” Document
Abilities – 70+ Pokémon now have changed Primary/Secondary abilities, these may be what I feel suited their persona or some may be from their hidden ability in the Dream World. – You can find a list in the “General Changes” Document
Stats – 70+ have also had their stats increased, these are Pokémon that play an important role in these games, these will be the ones used by important characters such as Gym Leaders & Elite Four members. This is also to increase the power of those weaker who need a slight bulk up. – You can find a list in the “General Changes” Document
Legendaries – Unfortunately my hacking skills of the fourth generation aren’t so strong yet but you can still capture all 34 legendaries, you will find them scattered around the later areas of the Sinnoh region but with low encounter rates. – More details at the “Legendaries Location” Document
Type Changes – There are only few but some Pokémon have a changed Primary/Secondary type. For example, Lopunny is now Normal/Fighting type – You can find a list in the “General Changes” Document

Mar 21, 2018 Pokemon Light Platinum DS is one the most successful Pokemon DS rom hack. The original Pokemon Light platinum for GBA was released in 2011, and due to the game’s growing popularity, the developer made a remake of Pokemon Light Platinum using Pokemon HeartGold as a ROM base and making it available for Nintendo DS.

Bugs and Errors
*On the lower tier of Route 204 there is a glitch regarding the wild Pokémon, this may be the case for some other areas.
*Where it says “Old Rod” on the Wild Pokémon Locations Document, it should in fact read “Good Rod”

It’s NDS and Completed. It’s English!

Download Pokemon Prestigious Platinum Beta 1.1 (Completed)

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Pokémon Platinum Version is a character video game for the Nintendo DS mobile game console that was released in 2008. Pokemon Platinum Version was created by Game Fre and released by The Pokémon Franchise & Nintendo. Pokemon Platinum Version is an improvement of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, and it’s one of the Pokémon computer game series’ fourth generation.

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What Is Pokemon Platinum Rom?

On Sep 13, in the year 2008, it was published in Japan, followed by North America, and England in 2009. Pokemon Platinum nds rom was developed with the intention of becoming a more powerful edition of Diamond & Pearl, where the designers referred to as “true” Pokémon games.

Pokemon platinum rom zip download is accessible for play on the Nintendo DS. This Pokemon game is only available in the US Mother tongue on EmulatorGames.net. Use an emulator to play the Pokemon Platinum Version (US) NDS ROMs. Play a high-quality interactive Pokemon Platinum NDS ROMs game on your desktop PC, cell phone, or tablet.

How To Download Pokemon Platinum Rom Nds?

For pokemon platinum rom download, you have to download Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CC, and several other applications are available for free download. Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Creative Suite, and Adobe Photoshop 3 0 are all free to download.

Our aim is to make high-quality content, music, software, documents, and TV streams, other file sharing access to all for free on many websites

Pokemon Platinum ROM nds download: Only DownloadROMs offers the Pokemon. Pokemon Platinum rom download is available on online websites. To play Pokemon Platinum rom download on the Nintendo DS without a computer, you’ll need an emulator. This match is in English (USA) and is of the highest possible standard.

In the 3rd game of the 4th generation pokemon platinum rom nds download, Platinum builds on Diamond & Pearl’s gameplay by introducing new features and building on old ones.

If you like this fun Pokemon Platinum ROM zip in Emulator Plays, you could enjoy Pokemon Emerald Version & Pokemon Fire Red Edition as well (V1.1)

How To Play Pokemon Platinum On Pc?

Emulator Games has a wide range of ROMS for Pokemon as well as other Nintendo plays. After you’ve found a game you’d want to play, press Save Game. Inside of a, a ROM will be installed on your PC. The game should now operate on the emulation and you should be able to play it without restriction.

How To Play Pokemon Platinum On Android?

This is what you’ll need to get Pokémon Platinum Emulator on Android after you’ve confirmed that its play you would like to play is realistic:

  • The emulator for the machine on which the game was first released.
  • A copy of the game’s ROM

Pokemon Platinum emulator is a software program that mimics the action of a specific gaming machine. You’ll just want an emulator for each GB, Gameboy advance, & Pokemon Platinum NDS ROMs game if you want to play them. The fact that the consoles are backward compatible does not imply the emulators are.

Custom saving points & fast-forwarding are both incredibly helpful in Pokémon games and are supported by most emulators. Custom saving states allow you to use several save files into one and need at times when the game usually does not allow it, such as those in the midst of war.

Fast-forwarding eliminates the problem of characters speaking too slowly, as well as allowing you to ride out without being told: “it’s not the way to ride the bicycle.”

Platinum Version of the Best Pokemon Platinum Emulator Pokemon Platinum Version can be installed and played on the PC with the aid of a Nintendo DS emulator.

Nds Homebrew

Pokemon platinum rom zip is a file that contains all of the data for a game. You will need a Pokémon Red ROM as well as a Pokémon HeartGold ROM to play Pokémon Red / Pokémon HeartGold.

Pokemon Platinum Randomizer (Universal):

The Universal Pokemon Platinum Randomizer is an application that will alter the way you play Pokemon games.

It offers a personalized gameplay efficiency by making you randomize several items, similar to prior released randomizers:

  • The Pokemon Platinum Randomizer starter options.
  • Wild Pokemon can be found in caves, grass, and other locations
  • Trainers’ Pokemon that are used against you.
  • The base points that determine a Pokemon’s ability.
  • Every Pokemon’s elemental forms.
  • In games where they live, the skill of every Pokemon.
  • The movements that Pokemon master as they progress through the levels.
  • Every Pokemon’s ability to learn every TM and HM step.
  • The “static” Pokeballs which you are often given, combat on the overworld or sell.
  • Trainers’ names and the groups to which they belong.
  • Step tutors teach movements for games in which they are important enough.

Pokemon Platinum Rom Hack:

Now welcome to the topic of the pokemon platinum ROM hack. We know you’re a Pokemon fan who enjoys pokemon platinum rom hacking.

StarBoyLuc’s Pokemon Torn Platinum Edition is a hack of Poke Renegade Platinum. It’s a continuity of the hack series based on games he’s created but never published.

Cloudforgiven’s Pokemon Platinum Pro is indeed a Pokemon Platinum hack. This hack seems to be a more professional version of the old Platinum hack. There are a lot of new things to learn about. You would be a hero worthy of saving a planet in peril.