Pokemon Omega Ruby Gba Hack Download Zip

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  • Download Pokemon - Ruby Version (V1.1) ROM for Gameboy Advance (GBA) and Play Pokemon - Ruby Version (V1.1) Video Game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device! DOWNLOAD Pokemon Omega Ruby in.zip format for the 3DS right now, and play it on your Emulator. Video game is Compatible with PC, Mac, Android, iOS devices!

ROM hack for: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (Nintendo 3DS)

Pokémon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire are ROM hacks for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Their main purpose is to provide a more challenging game experience while not artificially limiting the player. The premier feature of Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire is the ground-up redesign of Pokémon Trainers in the world to increase the game’s challenge. Every trainer in the game has been edited, and the level curve expects use of the Experience Share, which means that you level up very quickly. You should be hitting Level 100 by the time you get to the Elite Four.

The secondary focus of RR/SS is to function as a sort of “20XX Hack Pack” where everything obtainable is 100% legal for real online battles, and some features are designed to make preparing competitive teams much less of a hassle.

Trainer Changes

Pokemon Xy Gba Roms Download. Game Boy Advance Game (GBA) Game Rating. Gather the ultimate Pokemon and use their Mega Evolutions in this fun ROM hack for the classic role-playing game - Pokemon Omega Ruby! Pokemon Omega Ruby is a 2014 ROM hack of the original Pokemon strategy RPG - Pokemon Ruby for the Game Boy Advance (GBA). In this ROM hack.

  • Harsher Level Curve: Balanced to the EXP Share!
  • All-New Trainer teams, many featuring six Pokémon! Even the rematches have been edited!
  • All Gym Leaders have six Pokémon!
  • Trainers throughout the game have access to Mega Evolution!
  • Alternate Battle Types are more common in the world!
▶ More Detailed Trainer InformationPokemon Omega Ruby Gba Hack Download Zip
  • The level curve is drastically steeper. The game is balanced around use of the EXP Share, which allows for explosive growth. For example, the average level for Wattson’s team is Lv41. The player is expected to hit Level 100 at around the eighth Gym badge. Disabling the EXP share is not recommended.
  • While grinding is always possible, the curve is such that you’ll be approximately even with (or slightly under) all enemy levels if you complete the optional content such as side routes. If you skip fights, you’ll probably be underleveled!
  • Conversely, you might find yourself overleveled if you use the Lucky Egg, Experience Gain O-Powers, and/or the Trade Bonus.
  • All trainers’ teams have been changed to provide greater challenge. This isn’t just a global “level buff”, each team was individually created. They often have very different Pokémon than in OR/AS. Rematches have also been completely changed, with all Rematch trainers eventually getting six Pokémon.
  • All Gym Leaders have six Pokémon. Starting with Wattson, they also each have a Mega Evolution.
  • Trainers battled throughout the game might also have Mega Evolutions.
  • Double Battles are more common in the world.
  • Rotation, Triple, and Horde Trainer battles are found in the world.
  • Throughout the course of the game, you’ll see every fully-evolved Pokémon in the teams of enemy trainers. You’ll also see every Mega Evolution.
  • Since you can’t just rely on being overleveled, it is recommended to EV train your team using Super Training or Horde Training. The hack makes it easier to do these methods in the early game.

Wild Pokémon Changes

  • Post-game Foreign Pokémon are available from the beginning of the game!
  • Pokémon rarity within areas has been adjusted!
  • Hordes have been optimized for painless and early EV training!
  • Every species can now hold Items in the wild!
▶ Wild Hold Item Information
  • Every species is now capable of holding at least one item in the wild.
  • Every species that has a Mega Evolution in its line has a 50% chance of holding its Mega Stone in the wild.
  • Magikarp holds Heart Scales 50% of the time. It holds Gyaradosite 6% of the time.
  • The six Power Items are available early on for ease of EV training. They are found 50% of the time attached to the following Wild Pokémon: Zigzagoon (Power Anklet) Whismur (Power Weight) Wurmple (Power Lens) Geodude (Power Belt) Poochyena (Power Bracer) Tentacool (Power Band)
  • Pokémon that evolve through use of a hold item have a chance to hold that item in the wild.
  • The 11 Fossils are now held by wild Pokémon 50% of the time: Dome Fossil: Krabby, Kingler Helix Fossil: Slugma, Magcargo Old Amber: Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, Bellossom Root Fossil: Bonsly, Sudowoodo Claw Fossil: Sandshrew, Sandslash Skull Fossil: Duskull, Dusclops, Dusknoir Armor Fossil: Shelmet, Escavalier Cover Fossil: Torkoal Plume Fossil: Vullaby, Mandibuzz Jaw Fossil: Seviper, Mightyena Sail Fossil: Helioptile, Heliolisk, Frillish, Jellicent

Builds: Three ways to play!

  • Legit Build: All Wild Pokémon are 100% legit for trade and will not appear as “hacked” by any legitimacy testers. Post-game foreign Pokémon are unlocked from the start, and rarities and Hordes are adjusted.
  • Leveled Build: Wild Pokémon are the same as in the Legit Build, but are leveled up to keep pace with RR/SS’s harsh level curve. A quick adjustment in PKHeX (editing Met Level) will make them 100% legit.
  • 679 Build: Wild Pokémon are altered so that every non-Legendary non-Starter species is available, at the same level as the Leveled Build. Legendary encounters are not changed in this or any Build. Click here for the list of altered encounter tables.

Poké Mart and Item Changes

  • Poké Mart lists have been consolidated to replace redundant items!
  • Sacred Ash is available in standard Poké Marts, and Revives have had a drastic price increase to discourage their use in battles. Sacred Ash functions as a Max Revive for the entire party, but can only be used outside of battle.
  • Competitive consumables, such as Focus Sash or Air Balloon, are available in standard Poké Marts!
  • Slateport Market is now the go-to place to purchase competitive hold items like Leftovers or Life Orb.
  • The Pickup table has been drastically overhauled with many valuable items!
  • Prices of certain items have been adjusted, sometimes drastically. Only some price changes are listed here.
▶ Price Adjustment Information
  • All Poké Balls and Repels cost 90% less.
  • All Vitamins cost P125.
  • Revive now costs P20,000. This is so that using Revives (in the form of Sacred Ash) outside of battle is perfectly fine, but using a Revive in battle to cheese a fight is something with a serious cost attached to it.
  • Full Restore now costs P7,000. The reasoning behind this is the same as behind the Revive. Unless you’re using it in battle, there’s no reason to use it over a Max Potion (or a couple Hyper Potions) and a Full Heal.
▶ Detailed Item/Mart Change Information
  • Standard Poké Marts no longer stock Antidote and other single-status relief items or Repels less than the Max Repel.
  • Full Heal is available from the beginning.
  • Sacred Ash is available for P1000 after obtaining the second badge. Sacred Ash functions as a Max Revive for the whole party, but cannot be used in battle.
  • Consumable competitive items like Focus Sashes, Sitrus and Lum Berries, and Weakness Policies are available in standard Poké Marts. They may need a certain number of badges to unlock.
  • Premier Ball is now available in Poké Marts.
  • Honey is available in Poké Marts for P50. This will allow you to Horde Train without using Sweet Scent.
  • Slateport Market and other special shops now sell competitive items. Notably, the Leftovers, Eviolite, Rocky Helmet, Expert Belt, and Life Orb (among others) are available from the Incense Girl in Slateport City.
  • PP Up and PP Max are available in the Lilycove Department Store.

Evolution Changes

  • Pokémon that normally Evolve via trade now have additional methods for Evolution. They can still be Evolved by their normal method!
▶ Evolution Methods
  • Boldore Evolves into Gigalith at Level 42.
  • Clamperl Evolves into Gorebyss when leveled up holding a Deep Sea Scale.
  • Clamperl Evolves into Huntail when leveled up holding a Deep Sea Tooth.
  • Dusclops Evolves into Dusknoir when leveled up holding a Reaper Cloth at night.
  • Electabuzz Evolves into Electivire when leveled up holding an Electirizer.
  • Graveler Evolves into Golem at when leveled up holding a Hard Stone.
  • Gurdurr Evolves into Conkeldurr at Level 42.
  • Haunter Evolves into Gengar at Level 36 at night.
  • Kadabra Evolves into Alakazam when leveled up holding a Twisted Spoon.
  • Karrablast Evolves into Escavalier when leveled up holding a Shed Shell.
  • Machoke Evolves into Machamp when leveled up holding a Black Belt.
  • Magmar Evolves into Magmortar when leveled up holding a Magmarizer.
  • Onix Evolves into Steelix when leveled up holding a Metal Coat.
  • Phantump Evolves into Trevenant when leveled up knowing the move Forest’s Curse.
  • Poliwhirl Evolves into Politoed when leveled up holding a King’s Rock.
  • Porygon Evolves into Porygon2 at Level 47 or when leveled up holding an Up-Grade.
  • Porygon2 Evolves into Porygon-Z when leveled up in New Mauville or when leveled up holding a Dubious Disc.
  • Pumpkaboo Evolves into Gourgeist when leveled up knowing the move Trick-or-Treat.
  • Rhydon Evolves into Rhyperior when leveled up holding a Protector.
  • Scyther Evolves into Scizor when leveled up holding a Metal Coat.
  • Seadra Evolves into Kingdra when leveled up holding a Dragon Scale.
  • Shelmet Evolves into Accelgor when leveled up holding a Focus Sash.
  • Slowpoke Evolves into Slowking when leveled up holding a King’s Rock.
  • Spritzee Evolves into Aromatisse when leveled up holding a Sachet.
  • Swirlix Evolves into Slurpuff when leveled up holding a Whipped Dream.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Eggs now hatch incredibly quickly. Every species now has a 1-cycle hatch rate. Note this doesn’t apply to Event eggs or Traded eggs.
  • Switch Mode no longer reveals the incoming Pokémon.
  • Level 3 of the Hatching, Experience Gain, Friendship, and Money Gain O-Powers now last much longer.
  • Brendan and May have new outfits/designs.
  • Custom Title Screen!
  • Custom Banner and Icon for .cia installs!

Installation Instructions

Drag and Drop Installation (Recommended!)

Requirements: 3DS Family System with Luma3DS installed, Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire (Cartridge, eShop, or CIA install)

  • You must be on Luma3DS version 7.0 or higher. Any 3DS can install this by following Plailect’s 3DS Hacking Guide.
  • Download and unzip the 7z file for the version and Build you want to play.
  • Hold SELECT while booting your 3DS to open the Luma configuration menu.
  • Make sure “Enable Game Patching” is on, and press START to save the setting.
  • Copy the luma folder from the download to the root of your 3DS SD Card.
  • Launch Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. It will be modified into Rutile Ruby or Star Sapphire! An easy way to tell you did it right is the logo on the title screen, or Brendan/May’s new outfits.

Building a Custom CIA or *.3DS file

Requirements: 3DS Family System with Luma3DS installed, Godmode9 and FBI installed, Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire (Cartridge, eShop, or CIA install)

▶ Building Custom CIA/3DS File Instructions
  • You need a 3DS running Luma3DS CFW. All 3DS models can install CFW using this guide.
  • Installed Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire updates will cause conflicts with the Rutile Ruby or Star Sapphire mod when installed as a CIA or 3DS file. Uninstall any Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire updates before using a CIA or .3DS build of Rutile Ruby or Star Sapphire.
  • Download and unzip the 7z folder for the Version and Build you want to play. Make sure you unzip all of the files, it won’t work if you try to follow these instructions from inside the 7z file.
  • Follow these instructions to dump and decrypt your cartridge or installed copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire using Godmode9.
  • Place your decrypted ROM in Extra_Files. It should be named rom.cia or rom.3ds (depending on file type). It should look like this.
  • Run Extract_ROM.bat. A folder named “Extracted_ROM” should appear in Extra_Files. Don’t worry about any “uncompress error” or “extract file failed” errors.
  • Run Patch_ROM.bat. If you want to randomize your wild encounters, this batch file will give you the option to do so.
  • Run Rebuild_3DS.bat or Rebuild_CIA.bat to rebuild the ROM. The output file will be in Extra_Files, named Modified_ROM.3ds / Modified_ROM.cia. If you dumped the game as a CIA, you cannot rebuild it as a 3DS file as it will lack the proper header data. Don’t worry about any “create file failed” errors.
  • If you rebuilt as CIA, copy the new Modified_ROM.cia file to your SD card and install it with FBI. Back up your save first, installing the ROM hack CIA will overwrite your save!
  • If you rebuilt as .3DS for Gateway, your ROM needs to be re-encrypted. Copy the resulting Modified_ROM.3ds file to your 3DS SD Card and use Godmode9 to encrypt it. After re-encrypting your .3DS file, copy it to your Gateway MicroSD. Sky3DS cannot run ROM hacks because it can only run officially signed code.


  • Any retail cartridges in the “Requirements” area can be replaced by a Sky3DS cartridge, but a Sky3DS cartridge cannot run Rutile Ruby or Star Sapphire directly.
  • If you’re running this with HANS, it will use your regular OR/AS save file. To back up your original save file on a homebrew setup, use JKSV (included!). Do not delete your save with a save manager! Delete it from within the game itself otherwise it will become corrupted and not boot!
  • This ROM hack is capable of trading locally.
  • If using Hans to load the game, you can just run the game normally (from the 3DS System Menu) to play with updates active and online play enabled.
  • If you compiled and installed a .cia, a modified version of the OR/AS 1.4 Update is included that will allow you to play online. You’ll still be notified that an update is available (which you should NOT download), but your online features should work fine.
  • Since this hack makes no changes to save file structure, it works perfectly fine with Pokémon Bank.
  • If you’re using a .3ds or .cia build of the game, uninstall all updates to OR/AS before playing and don’t let the game update. If you update, you’ll lose features.
  • Text has been edited for the English language only.
  • This is NOT designed for Nuzlocke play. It’s meant to be challenging by itself without the players imposing their own rules on themselves, and a Nuzlocke will most likely lead to early failure. Grinding can only get you so far: the Elite Four are all Lv100 and packing six Pokémon. Boss battles play out like competitive matches, with them often revenge killing you, setting up, or pulling out surprise moves. This almost guarantees that a player will have at least one or two of their Pokémon faint, which is fun in regular play.
  • If you insist on the Nuzlocke Challenge, I recommend you use the Leveled or 679 Build of the game.

Special Thanks

  • Kaphotics: for creating the stellar PK3DS.
  • SciresM: For making everything possible and coding the tools that form the base of PK3DS.
  • Asia81: For your excellent tutorial on decrypting, unpacking, and repacking 3DS roms and your Hacking Toolkit.
  • Reisyukaku: For Ohana3DS, which allowed me to edit the costumes for Brendan and May.
  • Pokefreak2112: For teaching me where the title logo files are.
  • smealum: For HANS, making piracy and specialized hardware unnecessary to run ROMhacks.
  • neobrain: For Braindump.
  • meladroit: For svdt.

Change Log

Current Version: v2.2

  • Fixed the Slowpoke ability bug
  • Added Drag and Drop support for Luma3DS 7.0+
▶ Version 2.1
  • Resized title banners to fit properly on the Home Screen (CIA installations only)
  • Switch Mode no longer displays the name of the incoming Pokémon.
  • Included Asia81’s Hack Pack for easier CIA creation.
  • Included modified OR/AS v1.4 Update CIA that enables online play without feature loss on CIA builds.
▶ Version 2.0
  • Added Leveled Build.
  • Added 679 Build.
  • Updated Title Screen.
  • Included Braindump and svdt in Distribution Package.
  • Included RomFS Extractor and RomFS Builder in Distribution Package.
  • Added Fossils to certain Pokémon’s 50% Wild Hold Item slot.
  • Fixed Title Screen for non-Japanese/Korean languages.
  • Improved Banners for .cia installations.
▶ Version 1.3
  • Fixed Tackle Magneton in Wattson’s Gym.
  • Fixed Glacia’s first team pulling two Pokémon from Phoebe’s first team.
  • Included Change Log in distribution packages.
▶ Version 1.2
  • Updated install package to play nice with Hans, included 3DS Homebrew Launch Banners for running the hacks through Hans.
▶ Version 1.1

Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom Hack Download

  • Fixed Item-based Evolutions for Clamperl, Electabuzz, Graveler, Kadabra, Karrablast, Machoke, Magmar, Onix, Poliwhirl, Rhydon, Scyther, Seadra, Shelmet, Slowpoke, Spritzee, and Swirlix.
  • Fixed missing ♂♀ symbols on Name Entry screen.
  • Changed folder structure to better allow use of 3DS Builder.
▶ Version 1.1
  • Initial release!

Download Links

Download the ROM hack here!

Download the Official Strategy Guide here!

.7z files can be extracted with 7-Zip.

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This project is a free modification that requires an existing copy of an official Pokémon game to function. It does not require, endorse, or encourage piracy of Nintendo or GAME FREAK content. If you want to play this mod, please purchase the official release.