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  • The patching information was wrong. The patch works on bin/md roms, it breaks the game on smd roms. This is supported by the readme and the hashes given by the uploader, which correspond to the non-interleaved rom.
  • First level of MMZ3 with a copy x hack at 100% completion.Its in japanese but you'll just have to deal with it. I did not create this hack. The reason I crea.
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Megaman 3 is a fantastic game featuring Megaman returning in his role as savior of the universe. He has 8 new robot masters to fight including Gemini Man, Snake Man, Needle Man, and Magnet Man. Megaman also gains items to use just like in Megaman 2 except that they are built around Rush the trusty dog instead of being purely mechanical in design. Games Being Played Right Now Latest Searches Megaman Zero 3 Omega HACK,, Sonic vs.darkness, bar do cxrlao, play primal rage 2 online, sega games wwe royal rumble, paper mario sticker star, sesame street, pinky and the brain games online, dragon ball z Pinball, password to unlock Jasmine out jail in pokemon glazed.

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Gameshark codes for Megaman battle network 3?

try looking in>codes>handheld>letterM>page2>Megaman BN 3

Gameshark chip codes for Megaman battle network 3?

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

How do you get starid gameshark codes from megaman network battle 3 blue?

google them even though i dissaprove of cheating in megaman games

Megaman battle network 3 white cheats?

show me all the gameshark codes for megaman battle network 3 white U.S.A. version

Megaman battle network 3 style code?

This is not a thing. There are no 'codes' to undergo a style change or acquire a specific style without a cheating device, like Gameshark. Story end.

How To Unlock Omega Zero In Megaman Zero Collection?

first go to megaman zero 3 and defeat omega and save in level select

How do you get black zero in megaman zero 3 gba?

To get Black Zero on the game Megaman Zero for the Game Boy Advance, you must play the game on hard mode.

What is the mastercode for megaman battle network 3 blue for the gameshark?

Here is the code:993E41C6E209 B3A00AD93EOC 5840956756C1

Megaman starforce 3 red joker action replay codes?

There are a bundle of cheat codes available to the Megaman Starforce 3 series that can be found online. The cheats are available on GameFaqs database.

Where could you get codebreaker codes for megaman battle network 3 white?

What are the Game Shark codes for Megaman Battle Network 3?

What are the error codes on Megaman 3 blue?

Visit and go to the cheats/codes section for MMBN3. You'll get error codes, numberman codes, ex codes, SHRINK codes (those are helpful) and more.

Is it true that you can fight with Zero in Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue-White?

In Megaman zx can you still get omega zero biometal if you dont have Megaman zero 3 and 4 game packs?

Download Megaman Zero 3 Omega X Hack 1

A: Yes you only need megaman zero 3 and 4 to fight the bosses from zero. Omega can be fought at any time once you can get to area n, once you beat him get the rock from the room beyond the boss rooms, but you have to be on normal or hard mode to find the rock once you beat biometal w you bring the rock to flueve in area x lab and he…

Does Guitar Hero 3 have game shark codes?

Yes it does go to gameshark and look, it does not have many codes though (YET!!)

Pokemon chaos black cheat gameshark codes pokedex vol?

Where are the codes for persona 3 fes?

While there are no 'cheat codes' in the game, there are existing codes obtainable from a Gameshark, Action Replay Max, and Codebreak device.

How do you get to undernet 3 in Megaman battle network 6?

i dont think there is 1. the is 1, 2 and zero. but then its the graveyard

Where to find code breaker codes for megaman battle network 3 White?

Megaman battle network 3 blue codes?

Go troll a gaming website, like gamefaqs or supercheats. They have codes galore. But ask for one specific code or set of codes if you don't want to be redirected.

Did the original x die in Megaman zero?

Megaman X did not 'die' per se, but was split into five cyber-elves from the shock of sealing the Dark Elf (this event ended the 'Elf Wars', which wiped out 90% of the humans and 60% of the reploids). Four of the cyber-elves were made into the four guardians: Fighting Fefnir, Fairy Leviathan, Sage Harpuia and Hidden Phantom. The last remaining cyber-elf was the true conscience of Megaman X. He helped Zero from time to…

How many model are there in megaman ZX and what are they?

there are models H,F,P,Z,X,L and the secret model O which can be unlocked if you have a copy of megaman zero 3 or 4. Including the Model W and Model A from ZX advent there are so far in the series there are 9 seven of which are in megaman ZX.

How do you get to udernet 3 in mega man battle network 6?

Megaman zero 3 rom download

In Megaman Battle Network 6, It doesn't have The Undernet 3, but it has Undernet Zero where you can fight Bass at there.

Are there cheat codes for Halo 3 on the Xbox360 if there is please give them to me?

How do you cheat on Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix?

1.go to ebay gameshark for ps2 it 4.when it comes 5.put gameshark in ps2 [warning: this might ruin your ps2] 6.load gameshark 7. go to cheats and find kingdom hearts 2 final mix+ if the gameshark does not have the game go online and search at google kingdom hearts 2 final mix+ gameshark codes and you must have a mastercode for your codes to work

Megaman network 3 what is the code for f1?

Visit the mmbn 3 cheats and codes section of to find out. Or, it may be available in game from an NPC character.

What are some GameShark codes for Spider-Man 3 on the Game Boy Advance?

How do you enter Kingdom Hearts 2 gameshark 2 version 1.2 codes?

What is a really good site for gameshark codes for gameboy color games? find the game you are looking for, then scroll to the bottom, there should be GameShark Codes if any by the way this is Robert :3 by the way cheatcc is NOT the one and only resource for video game related questions.. just to let you know.

Where can one find hints tips and cheats for Megaman Battle Network 3?

The GameFAQ's site has a section for Megaman Battle Network 3 that includes multiple walkthroughs and FAQs and some cheat codes. SuperCheats has an extensive and well-organized list of cheats for the game, as well as tips.

Can you link megaman 6 to megaman 4?

no you can only link megaman games together if it is the same number like megaman battle network 3 blue to megaman battle network 3 white

Where can i find codes for Final Fantasy 9?

for final fantasy 7,8,9,10, and 11, you need a machine called game shark to type in the cheat codes. You can buy the machine on ebay,gamestop, or gamefreak.If you dont have the machine plugged into your ps2, then you cant type in the cheats. After you have the gameshark machine plugged into your ps2, look on the internet for final fantasy 9 gameshark cheats. And there you have it. Enjoy the game. Even if you…

Does the Gameshark work on Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

Of course. Just make sure your gameshark is 3.0 or higher. Here are the steps to use it. 1. Put In any game that doesn't require a keycode. 2. Turn your Gameshark or Gameshark Pro on and go to Key Codes. 3. Look through until you see Zelda. select that and say yes. 4. Now turn off the Nintendo 64 and take out the game in and put in Majora's Mask. 5. Go to Majora's…

What are the gameshark codes for Darkrai in Pokemon Emerald?

Darkrai doesn't exist in Emerald. Emerald is a generation 3 game while Darkrai was introduced in generation 4. Therefore, there is no Gameshark code for Pokemon Emerald version that will cause a Darkrai to appear.

Is megaman starforce 4 going to be made after megaman legends 3?

Where to find all chip in megaman 3 blue?

This is not a serious question. The only way to find ALL chips is to go EVERYWHERE, battling all viruses with the Collect program equipped, or alternatively to abuse chip traders and the BugFrag trader until more or less eternity or just trade with a friend. There's no secret stockpile that magically solves this problem; go out and do the heavy lifting, or cheat with some Gameshark codes. There's no middle ground.

Where to find Megaman zero 3 omega boss theme?

You can either fight Omega in the game (He's the final boss) or look it up on youtube. the song's called cannonball and it's by the Mythos.

How do you get super sonic as a playable character in sonic advance 3 with a button code?

no button code but if you get the ROM for computer you hve a built in gameshark genorator and search for codes ( hint Neoseeker)

Is megaman in marvel vs capcom 3?

How do you a gameshark for gba?

There seem to be many different variations of the Gameshark, so here is what worked for my son's: 1. Insert game into Gameshark 2. Insert Gameshark into GBA 3. Turn on the Gameshark 4. Turn on GBA 5. Select Game from the list of Gameshark titles 6. Scroll down to the Cheat that you want to copy 7. Press right 8. Select a code 9. Press A [code should be flashing] 10. Press Start on…

What are the invincibility cheats for Megaman battle network 3 blue?

One you can do without GameShark/etc is get a wood style, install undershirt, and use grassStage. Voila: You can't die unless you're hit at 1 hp, but the grass regenerates your health to 2 as soon as you hit 1. Invincibility.

What are some gameshark codes for Mario and luigi superstar saga?

here are a few steps to do b4 u put in codes 1. learn how to not cheat and play the game properly 2. if you are cheating then search in google and lastly 3. get a life and stop playing nerdy games

Cheats for silent hill 3 For PS2?

Not anything thing that'll help on your first playthrough OR cheat like a noob one of the best games and have no fun of game! use gameshark! and look for a name codes

Is serenade from Megaman a girl or boy?

Serenade from Megaman Battlenetwork 3 is a boy, as he is referred to by both Lan and Megaman as a boy, and holds the title of UnderKing. I cannot account for other characters named Serenade in the Megaman franchise, though they are likely the same gender.

How do you go to the navicust screen in Megaman battle network 3 blue?

What does mmsf3 stand for?

Mega Man Zero 3
Developer(s)Inti Creates
Director(s)Ryota Ito
Yoshinori Kawano
Producer(s)Takuya Aizu
Keiji Inafune
Designer(s)Yoshihisa Tsuda
Programmer(s)Kazutaka Yanagisawa
Akihiro Shishido
Gen Kamada
Artist(s)Toru Nakayama
Composer(s)Ippo Yamada
Masaki Suzuki
Tsutomu Kurihara
Luna Umegaki
SeriesMega Man
Platform(s)Game Boy Advance
ReleaseGame Boy Advance
  • JP: April 23, 2004[2]
  • NA: October 5, 2004[1]
  • EU: September 3, 2004[3]
Genre(s)Action, platform, RPG, Hack 'n slash, Run 'n gun

Mega Man Zero 3[a] is a video game developed by Inti Creates and published by Capcom for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) handheld game console. It is the third video game in the Mega Man Zero series of Mega Man video games.

  • 1Gameplay


This game follows almost exactly the same rules as its predecessor, Mega Man Zero 2. Once again, Zero has his Z-Saber, Buster, and Shield Boomerang. However, Zero's rod weapon (originally the Triple Rod in Mega Man Zero and the Chain Rod in Mega Man Zero 2) has been replaced with the Recoil Rod: a pair of tonfa-like weapons that can be aimed in all directions. When charged up, a powerful stabbing attack is performed, which can knock enemies back, or propel Zero into the air if aimed down to the ground, like a makeshift pogo stick.

The Cyber Elf system has been given an overhaul with the introduction of Satellite Cyber Elves. These are different from the standard Cyber Elves, which have been renamed 'Fusion Elves', in that they are equipped for a constant benefit, and the use of them will not affect the mission ranking score. However, only two Satellite Elves can be equipped at once.

Cyberspace is a new addition to the game. It is said by one Resistance Member (Hirondelle) that the portal to Cyberspace opened up due to Omega's arrival. Going through the door to Cyberspace leads the player into an area that looks exactly like the one in which they left but with a green tinge to it. Enemy appearances are less frequent and if a transfer of info from a Mega Man Battle Network 4/Mega Man Zero 3 link has been performed, certain virus enemies from the Battle Network Series will appear. All enemies drop health items (instead of other items, such as Secret Disks) in Cyberspace. Entering the Cyberspace causes certain Cyber Elves (both Fusion and Satellite, the ones with the A-mark on the lower left) to auto-activate without dying, even if not grown enough to be normally used, and these Elves do not affect the score. However, going into Cyberspace decreases the mission ranking score, making it more difficult to obtain an S or A Rank, which is needed in order to win EX Skills of the end-of-stage bosses. Zero no longer needs to 'level up' in order to create weapon combos as they are already in place.

Secret Disks[edit]

Throughout the game, enemies may drop Secret Disks, which may contain information about the Mega Man Zero series, enemy information, Cyber Elves, energy capsules, energy crystals or even customization chips.

Most of the disks can be opened by Zero himself, mostly those containing Cyber Elves, but the others are locked and the player will have to take them to Cerveau in order to open them. Once opened, their info will be stored in a Secret Disk library featured within the game.

Customization Chips[edit]

The Forms system from Mega Man Zero 2 has been replaced with Customization Chips. These can be found in Secret Disks and come in three types—head, body and legs. Only one of each type of chip can be equipped at a time, which gives the player more flexibility in customizing Zero.

These Chips give direct upgrades to Zero's head, body or legs, and can be used to reproduce the effects of the various Forms that Zero could take in Mega Man Zero 2. As with the Forms in this game's predecessor, Zero can take on different colours when different body chips are equipped.


As with other Mega Man Zero games, beating the game will allow playing the completed save file again in a 'New Game+'. Zero will start with all Fusion Elves used from the previous game still in effect (although he will still be penalized for their use), and will also get to keep any EX Skills and body chips that he earned in the previous game.

Hard Mode can be unlocked after completing the game once. It can be accessed by pressing the L shoulder button before pressing Start while selecting a New Game. In Hard Mode, Cyber Elves cannot be used and Cyberspace cannot be accessed (save for one specific level). Zero's triple-slash and full-charge shot are also disabled, and he cannot earn EX Skills.

Ultimate mode can be unlocked by collecting all of the Secret Disks in one game and beating it. Hold R when starting a New Game to play. In Ultimate Mode, Zero starts with all Fusion Elves with permanent effects (such as the Elves that extend the life meter) already in use and without penalty in mission scores. Zero will also have a few body parts available from the start, including the Ultima Foot chip. Finally, Zero can use full-charge attacks instantly by means of simplistic button combos.

There are also seven mini games that can be selected from on the game's Start Menu. They are all unlocked after certain criteria have been met:

  • Zero mini-game – Beat the game once.
  • Copy X mini-game – Beat the game on Hard Mode.
  • Ciel mini-game – Beat the game with an overall S-rank at the final stage.
  • Fefnir mini-game – Beat the game with an average of 100 points at the final stage.
  • Leviathan mini-game – Beat the game with an average of 100 points at the final stage.
  • Phantom mini-game – Beat the game without attacking with any weapons other than the Buster Shot (you can still use them, just don't hit any enemies with them; e.g. You can still use Recoil Rod for pushing blocks or the jump boost, for example), and with an overall S-Rank.
  • Harpuia mini-game – Beat the game without attacking with any weapons other than the Z-Saber (you can still use them, just don't hit any enemies with them; e.g. You can still use Recoil Rod for pushing blocks or the jump boost, for example), and with an overall S-Rank.


At the start of the third game, the following synopsis relates notable events of the previous two games.

The third game starts two months after the events of the second. A recently crashed spaceship emits energy similar to the Dark Elf, and Zero sets out to investigate. Not long into the mission Ciel and a pair of Resistance members are captured by Neo Arcadia as Zero enters the ship. But they are not harmed, nor are they held prisoner, as an incident breaks out involving a giant reploid named Omega that not even Leviathan and Fefnir combined can handle. Zero interrupts the battle and is left to handle things on his own. Soon thereafter Dr. Weil is introduced, as well as a rebuilt Copy X, who has reclaimed leadership of Neo Arcadia, much to the chagrin of Harpuia. With the aid of four of Dr. Weil's minions in the Eight Gentle Judges, Blazin' Flizard (based on the frill-necked lizard), Deathtanz Mantisk (based on the praying mantis and Grim Reaper), Hellbat Schilt (based on the bat), and Childre Inarabitta (based on the White Rabbit of Inaba), they make preparations to gather the Baby Elves and for a massive attack.

After a missile is launched at a densely populated area to enable Omega to capture the Dark Elf, Zero goes off to fight Copy X and defeats him. But before Copy X can transform again, he is betrayed and killed by a trap placed on his body by Weil.

With Copy X out of the way, Weil assumes command of Neo Arcadia and uses the Dark Elf and Omega to seize control of all Reploids on Earth, sending out the remaining four Judges to deal with the Resistance: Cubit Foxtar (based on the kitsune), Glacier le Cactank (based on cacti), Volteel Bibblio (based on the electric eel), and Tretista Kelverian (based on Cerberus). After Zero destroys both Baby Elves, he heads to destroy Omega's Dark Elf enhanced form, defeating the Reploid twice. From the remains of Omega's second physical form however, rises a Reploid that looks just like Zero and at that moment, Weil informs Zero he is merely a copy and that Omega inhabits Zero's original body.

After Zero and Omega do battle, Mega Man X appears and confirms to Zero that they fought against and sealed Omega a century ago. Before Weil can force the Dark Elf to rejoin with 'Omega', the Guardians appear and further damage him. Eventually Zero makes the decision to finish him off, regardless of him being inside Zero's real body. In the explosion, Zero is knocked out and sees visions of X. He tells Zero that he is out of power and can no longer exist in the human world. He is confident Zero can protect the world from now on and fades away.

Zero's unconscious body is brought back to the Resistance Base by the Dark Elf. With Weil's defeat, the curse placed upon the Dark Elf (now known as Mother Elf) is broken and she flies away. But losing Omega and Mother Elf still did not change the fact that Weil was now the undisputed ruler of Neo Arcadia. The humans living there would soon realize the wrath of Dr. Weil.


Aggregate scores
Review scores
Game Informer6.8/10[8]

Mega Man Zero 3 was the fourth best-selling video game in Japan during its week of release.[13] It was the 106th best-selling game in the country for 2004 at 121,847 units sold.[14]

A common comment made by reviews of the game is that Mega Man Zero 3 is similar to its predecessors and has not changed much in terms of gameplay.[15][16] Reviewers complain often about the difficulty level of this game's predecessors and were quick to praise the game's difficulty level for being more forgiving but still challenging.[17]

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  1. ^Known in Japan as Rockman Zero 3 (Japanese: ロックマンゼロ3,Hepburn: Rokkuman Zero Surī)


Megaman Zero 2 Online

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