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Posted By admin On 29/11/21

Become a fat burning machine: 8 simple low carb living hacks for women - intermittent fasting, hair loss, inability to sleep, dry ey. Style can be done without the use of dairy or processed foods. In The Keto Beginning, we focus on benefiting the body, long-term, through paleo-friendly strategies, packed with whole foods and rich nutrition. MY INTENTION This book is meant to highlight how easy and effortless living a dairy-free. These keto diet hacks are science-driven tips that can help you get into and stay in a deeper state of ketosis, within hours. They are designed to help you overcome the common problems people experience when starting a keto diet. When you use more than one of these tips at a time, you can overcome a weight-loss stall and get into ketosis faster.

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16 Easy Keto Hacks to Keep That Fat Burning

Easy Keto Hacks to Keep That Fat Burning Any diet has its challenges. And to see the results we want as well keep on burning fat, we need to stay consistent.

Being on the keto diet is a challenge of its own! But, let’sbe honest, any diet can be hacked and made easier with a few tricks!

Here are a few keto hacks that should help you to consistently keep on losing weight.

15 Super Easy Keto Diet Hacks

Here are some very easy hacks that can make being on theketo diet so much easier. Scroll through all of them, you never know what youmight learn.

I also mention a few interesting scientific studies thatdirectly relate to food!

1. Instead of Mashed Potato Try Mashed SteamedCauliflower

Eating mashed potato in a cold evening might seem just likethe thing you need. And let’s be honest, sometimes we do have those carbcravings!

While mashed potatoes do go well with a ton of dishes,mashed steamed cauliflower can do just as well.

Free Speed Keto Download

4 oz of cauliflower contains only 5.7 grams of carbs. And,almost half of it is dietary fiber.

How to Make Cauliflower Mash:

Steam or boil the cauliflower until soft (10-12 min). If youdon’t’ have a steamer, just get these very cheap steamer baskets that you justcan put into a pot.

Mash it and add a little bit of butter, cream, and pepper.

2. Instead of Regular Rice Try Cauliflower Rice

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Living on keto in a low carb lifestyle does not initially come easy, but it does get easier. There are “hack” foods that will make life easier, and we’ll go over them later on. If you ever get stumped on what to eat, check out some of our recipes. It’ll make life easier. I’ll go over some tips for making a keto diet easier and be successful. So whether you are eating out or just eating on the go, I’ve got you covered with the foods you should and shouldn’t eat.

I know many people try keto to lose weight, but I will tell you, for me, it’s a lifestyle change. Sure, I was not fitting into my clothes, I was sleeping like $&%#, and I was testy, but here’s the real deal breaker: I was not comfortable in my own body. I wanted a change. I didn’t want to be a yo-yo anymore.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn some money if you click on one. Read the full disclaimer here.

Funny thing is, people often consider keto, or even low-carb a fad diet. Even supposedly educated medical professionals. However, if that is the case, then why is it what diabetics have to do to get their numbers in line?! For many, after following a ketogenic diet—you will glow with newfound energy. Blood work often comes back glowing with dramatically improved blood pressures, lipids, insulin levels, and inflammatory markers. Studies confirm a ketogenic lifestyle cancreate those benefits. Studies today actually show ketogenic diets benefit numerous health conditions including weight gain, cancer, type 2 diabetes, low energy levels, and aging.


So whatever the reason you are wanting to try keto, going on the Ketogenic plan will definitely help you achieve your goals if you follow through. This lifestyle change can help you lose weight, get in shape and stay healthy. And as you know, I love keto and I am always excited to share more about it. So if you’re curious about what the Keto diet is and what other tips and recipes I have, definitely check it out!

Here are some of my best tips that will help you get started on your weight loss journey. These are simple to initiate but will have a big impact and will help stay on your diet. Check these out and don’t forget to let me know what you think!

Yes, you heard me right. Snack! But here I am talking about eating foods that are high in fats. They are going to keep you satiated (feeling full for longer). Snacking on foods like avocados and nuts are optimal on keto to fulfill your fat needs while delivering a maximum of nutrients. In order to make this lifestyle change, you have to clean out your cabinet and your preconceived notion of chips and the like as snacks. Snacks will now become avocados, nuts, olives, pickles, etc.

We all love convenience. But especially when starting keto and learning the ropes, don’t fall into the trap of convenience foods. Even if they are keto. Initially starting keto certainly comes with a learning curve so it’s definitely best to learn the correct way from the get-go, learn what works with your body and what doesn’t and then maybe, maybe, try some convenience items. The rule I like to follow is choosing real foods over processed foods. And obviously, there are health benefits in choosing real foods over processed. You’re doing all this amazing work so why fall into this trap of processed foods again?

When initially starting keto, I stress to people to avoid desserts. However, if you really need to because you feel like you’ll fall off the wagon, there are options. Again, I recommend not partaking when starting because you want to bust those cravings and you know it takes 21 days for a new habit to stick. There are some options to Keto friendly desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. There are mug cakes, individual desserts and so much more. What I recommend are fat bombs because they will help you meet the necessary keto fat intake and you can make them in advance, freeze or store, saving you so much time and energy.

Obviously, if you’ve familiarized yourself with keto, you now know noodles are not allowed. At all. Ever. Get over it. lol. However, there are allowable substitutions that will be a hit with you and your friends and family. Simply sub out your noodles with zoodles or even something like Shirataki noodles instead. They’re easy to make and taste so good in any recipes. They are nutritional offering a ton of vitamins.

One of my top tips for keto is keeping keto friendly options in the freezer. From individually wrapped meats to frozen keto friendly veggies, you can make it more convenient and less likely to fall off the keto wagon. I’ve stored chopped and whole pieces of meat in individual portions so I can pop out and quickly defrost, pull a portion of frozen veggies out and cook on the indoor grill or make a stir-fry (no sauce).

While some will tell you that diet soda is ok on keto but diet sodas are not healthy and high in artificial sugar content, therefore sabotaging your keto plan with sugar cravings. Water, tea or coffee should be your options. Remember, you can prevent water boredom by infusing with keto friendly fruit, cucumber, mint, etc.

Eggs are a mainstay of my keto plan. Since I like convenience, they are optimal for me. What’s easier than making eggs? I keep shell eggs and hard boiled on hand all. the. time. They are inexpensive and a great source of protein.

With condiments and dressings, you definitely have to read labels. All are not keto equal. However, why not make your own? It’s super easy and will be loaded with health benefits. And if you’re worried about coming up with some, don’t. Pinterest has got you covered with all things keto.

For those just starting their keto lifestyle, these should make life easier. Starting with small attainable steps and implementing for 21 days will lead you to a healthy lifestyle. Making that lifestyle change doesn’t have to be hard and these hacks will save your bacon lol. Try these and tell me what you think.

If you ever have any questions, let me know. I’d love to help.