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You’ve just gotten a second-hand iPhone. Let’s say you bought it from a seller on Ebay or another retailer. Or, perhaps a relative or friend has recently passed away and you want to access the pictures of you two together.

There’s a catch, however. You can’t access the device. You either don’t have the email address and password to access the original owner’s iCloud account to switch to your account, or you simply don’t know it. You’re stuck. What should you do now?

What is the point of the iCloud Activation Lock?

The Activation Lock is an iOS feature that has arguably been more beneficial in preventing iPhone and iPad theft than any other security feature. This is done through an app called “Find my iPhone” that is available to people through their iTunes account on their computers, or through the ‘Family Sharing’ feature on the app. Once locked, it’s nearly impossible to use the iPad or iPhone without an authorised Apple ID and password. The device can’t be erased, reset or otherwise modified to get it to work.

While this feature offers great peace of mind, it can be a problem if you legitimately find yourself with an Activation Locked device. Once locked, the functionality of the device is severely limited- every time you turn on the phone, you will be prompted for a username and password to activate the phone.

There are many solutions that promise to remove the iCloud Activation Lock, however many of these methods do not work, or they may render your device just as useless as before you unlocked it.

So let’s get back to it- you have a new phone, but you can’t use it fully. Now what? Perhaps you’ve looked for solutions online and you don’t trust them, or you’ve tried what they suggested and it didn’t work. You just want to use the device!

You’ve come to the right place. We have compiled some methods to unlock your device’s iCloud Activation Lock; ranging from easy and straightforward things to try, through to more obscure and frankly risky routes and finishing with affordable, effective and safe solutions. We will run through each option in-depth, discussing the benefits and limitations of each.

TL;DR- Options to remove iCloud Activation Lock

  • There are some free methods you can use to unlock your device, but these can vary in timeliness and ease of use, requiring you to firstly check if your device is stolen goods, and if not, enlisting the help of the original seller or your local Apple store.
  • There are some methods that, while you can do yourself in a fairly timely manner, we don’t recommend doing as you risk wasting time and money and damaging your phone.
  • Replacing chips from an iPhone to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock
  • Bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock with software
  • There are some paid solutions that work seamlessly; we recommend DoctorUnlock.net for its safety features and easy-to-use platform, offering peace of mind and unlocking devices permanently.
  • dr.fone
  • AppleiPhoneUnlock
  • DoctorUnlock.net

How to remove the iCloud Activation Lock for free

We will first go through the free options. Here are 3 ways to remove your iPhone’s iCloud Activation Lock for free:

  1. Check if your iPhone is stolen goods

The reason that your iPhone’s iCloud is locked is because the original owner has set up iCloud and Find My iPhone on it and they didn’t remove it before you acquired the phone, either because they forgot or because they were unaware that they had to do so (many people may not know that when they wipe their phones to return to factory settings to sell it, they also have to remove the activation lock), or because you have unknowingly purchased a stolen device so the owner wasn’t able to remove it. Either way, before you are able to unlock the iCloud Activation Lock, you need to ascertain which of these reasons apply to your iPhone.

You can check for stolen devices by using the Stolen Phone Checker website, a free website that lets US consumers check whether an iPhone has been stolen by using its IMEI number (to retrieve your iPhone’s IMEI number, consult ‘theonly full iCloud Activation Lock removal services In 2020’ section below).

If you are outside of the US, you can use IMEI.info instead. This website works for English-speaking countries, including New Zealand, Australia and Canada, and it claims to work for 880 mobile networks from over 230 countries.

IMPORTANT: if your device has been confirmed as stolen, Apple will not be able to help you and the following steps will not help you, either. If you paid for the device using a credit card or Paypal, then you may be entitled to a refund.

  • Contact the original seller

The quickest and easiest way to unlock your iCloud Activation Lock is to get in touch with the seller and ask them to unlock the iCloud lock.

Luckily, the iPhone doesn’t need to be returned to the seller for them to unlock it. They can remove the iCloud lock remotely on the iCloud website by doing the following:

Step 1: Go to https://icloud.com/

Step 2: Type in your Apple ID (email address) and password

Step 3: Steps 3-5 are likely to appear if it is a new computer you are using to sign in to iCloud. If they don’t, skip to step 6. You will have a warning appearing saying that a new login has been detected from a new computer. Click Allow

Step 4: You will be asked for a verification code. This can be sent via text message or sent to another Apple device you own. Type the code in

Step 5: If you think you will use the same computer again for accessing iCloud then click ‘Trust’. This will mean you won’t be asked for the verification code again

Step 6: Click ‘Settings’. Click the device you want to remove from your iCloud account found under ‘My Devices’

Step 7: Click the small X opposite the device name to remove it

Step 8: Click Remove

When the seller unlocks the iCloud account, you will be able to set up your device as your own.

However, if the seller doesn’t help or is unavailable, follow the next step.

  • Contact your Apple store to remove the iCloud lock

You can request that your local Apple store unlocks the iCloud lock for you, however there are some conditions to them doing this for you.

You will need proof of ownership, such as the original receipt from the seller. This must contain the device’s serial number as well as your name.

You will also need to prove that ownership of the device has been transferred from the original owner to you; you can do this by producing a print out of the Ebay transaction and the payment confirmation.

Apple may also help if the original owner has passed away and you wish to gain access to the device, however you must produce a death certificate, proof of your relationship to the deceased and possibly the original proof of purchase as well.

Apple will first check if it is a stolen iPhone and will also refuse to help you if you can’t prove beyond any doubt that it is your iPhone.

If you are unable to contact the original owner of the device, or Apple won’t help you, you can unlock it yourself or free, but at some personal risk. Read on for some fairly easy (but risky) ways to do this.

Free (but risky) ways to unlock iCloud Activation Lock

There are ways to unlock iCloud without actually unlocking the Activation Lock- either through replacing the hardware on your device or using software- however these methods are not useful, nor are they easily available to the average user. Some ways to do this are discussed below.

Option 1: Replacing chips from an iPhone to Bypass the iCloud Activation Lock

This process is time-consuming and costly, but if you should choose this method, below are the steps to do this:

Step 1: Take off the chips on the motherboard without iCloud

Step 2: Take off the chips on the motherboard with iCloud

Step 3: Bond the chips onto the iCloud motherboard


  1. The chips are the most expensive part of iPhones, making this an excessively expensive option.
  2. It also requires technical expertise to undertake and is not particularly accessible to the average user.
  3. You will also need specialised equipment to do this procedure, such as a PCIE Programmer, a hot air gun and a BGA multimeter.

Icloud Unlock Hack Helper V3 2 Download Pc

An easier, but no less risky alternative to bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock is using various software and tools, as discussed below.

Option 2: Bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock with software

  • Using a different DNS

A DNS, or Domain Name System, is a server that translates domain names like apple.com to IP addresses, and is a numerical sequence of numbers that can locate servers on the internet.

You can temporarily bypass the iCloud Activation Lock by connecting your device to Wi-Fi using a special DNS that ‘tricks’ the device into thinking it’s unlocked. This is a method you can use to bypass the lock screen no matter how you are locked out of it and regain some functionality of your iPhone or iPad.

This method works by using your WiFi to get around Apple’s security system so you won’t be using the operating system on your phone, but a server that provides smart features such as Facebook and Instagram.

Here are the steps to try bypassing the Activation Lock using a different DNS:

Step 1: Follow the setup prompts on your device until you get to the WiFi page

Step 2: Select your WiFi network and tap the ‘i’ button. If you don’t see this ‘i’ icon behind the WiFi network, you can press the Home button and select ‘More Wi-Fi Settings’

Step 3: Ensure that your iPhone is not connected to any network. If it is connected to a network automatically, you can click on the ‘i logo and select ‘Forget this network’

Step 4: Change the DNS servers to one of these options based on your region:

  1. North America:
  2. South America:
  3. Europe:
  4. Asia:
  5. Australia and Oceania:

Step 5: Click the button at the top left of the screen, then select the WiFi network you have access to and enter the WiFi password. Next, your iPhone will jump to the next screen, but you must prevent it by clicking the ‘Back’ button.

Step 6: The iCloud lock will be removed and you can now choose the features you want to access.


  1. This isn’t a very effective method as it depends on the iPhone running on an older version of iOS. It may prove effective for iOS 8 to iOS 10 devices, but not others.
  2. Additionally, after bypassing the Activation Lock, the device will be jailbroken. You can access the device for daily use, however you will not be able to make phone calls and use apps, or use the cell network and iCloud of your new Apple ID.
  3. The Activation Lock screen will also appear again if you reset your device after using this bypassing method and you will only be able to use the phone on a WiFi connection.
  • Using iCloud DNS bypass “Crash”

Since the above process means that your device will have limited functionality, you can use the “Bypass Crash Method” that will allow you to use your iPhone as normal once you have bypassed the iCloud Activation Lock. The steps below will walk you through how to use this method:

Step 1: After following the steps mentioned above under ‘Using a different DNS’, tap on Menu > Applications

Step 2: Tap on ‘Crash’. Your iPhone will restart automatically

Step 3: After the device restarts, choose ‘Language and Country’. You will then be directed to the ‘Choose a WiFi Network’ interface

Step 4: Tap on Home > More WiFi Settings

Step 5: Tap on the ‘i’ symbol next to the WiFi > HTTP Proxy

  • Clear the existing HTTP address and list 30 distinct emoji icons in the ‘Server’ zone
  • Type 8888 over the ‘Port’ Zone

Step 6: Hit the Back > Next. You will be directed to the unlock screen. Press the Home button

Step 7: Hit the ‘Language’ option until the home screen shows up. You will then be able to use more functions on your device

IMPORTANT: this method will only allow you to use your device temporarily because your device will be locked again after reboot; never reboot your device unless it is necessary.

  • Using other software solutions: Checkm8

Checkm8 is an iCloud tool that also allows you to bypass your iPhone’s iCloud Activation lock. However, this tool has some limitations that you need to be aware of before embarking on this method as you may find that your device isn’t eligible to be unlocked using this, including the fact that your device must be jailbroken beforehand, users will be unable to make or receive calls or send text messages, you will only be able to access the internet through WiFi, you will be unable to sign into iCloud or use its features, it only works on Mac computers and you may not be able to use the home and power buttons on your device.

Here are the steps to follow to use Checkm8:

Step 1: Jailbreak your device

This must be done with another tool, called Checkra1n, However, there are some risks involved in jailbreaking an iOS device:

  • You could ‘brick’ your iPhone, which will need professional repair to be fixed
  • Jailbreaking an iOS device removes a lot of the built-in security features, which limits the types of apps that can be installed; apps can also be potentially dangerous to install after jailbreaking the device
  • Jailbreaking your device may cancel your iPhone warranty and Apple will refuse to fix a jailbroken device
  • Jailbreaking software has to be adapted for every iOS version, so you will be unable to update your jailbroken iPhone when an update is released

If these risks do not discourage you from wanting to use this software to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock, proceed with these steps that explain how the Checkra1n tool can be used for jailbreaking:

#1. Download and install the Checkra1n tool and launch it

Icloud Unlock Hack Helper V3 2 Download Free

#2. Connect the iPhone to your Mac and wait for verification.

#3. Press ‘Start’

#4. Click ‘Next’ and enter the device into DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) Mode.

#5. Follow the steps and click ‘Start’

#6. The jailbreak process will then begin

#7. Once the jailbreak is finished, click ‘Done’

Step 2: Bypass the iCloud Activation Lock with Checkm8

Once the device has been jailbroken, follow the steps below to remove the iCloud lock:

#1 Download the Checkm8 software and install it

#2 Connect your iPhone to your Mac and click ‘Start Bypass’

#3 Wait for the lock removal to process

The iCloud Activation Lock should be bypassed, however you are likely to experience the aforementioned cons.


  1. Checkm8 requires you to jailbreak your device, which can compromise its safety
  2. Use of this tool may cancel your iPhone warranty and Apple will refuse to fix a jailbroken device
  3. Jailbreaking software has to be adapted for every iOS version, so you will be unable to update your jailbroken iPhone when an update is released

We do not recommend using these bypassing methods. The risks associated with these methods- including installing potentially dangerous software onto your computer and changing your DNS servers to get around Apple’s security system- may be too high for the average user. Instead, a far safer alternative to remove the iCloud Activation Lock is to use a removal service, such as DoctorUnlock.net. Two services that use your device’s IMEI number, and one that doesn’t, is discussed below.

The only full iCloud Activation Lock removal services In 2020

Icloud unlock hack helper v3 2 download windows 10

An iCloud Activation Lock removal service will unlock your device from Apple’s own servers (much like an Apple store manager would) by whitelisting your iPhone’s unique IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number. After turning the phone on, you will then have full access to it when it connects to the internet. This method works with any model of iPhone, as well as iPad, iPod and Apple Watch and up to the latest version of iOS.

Dr.fone is one such removal service, but it does not require you to retrieve your device’s IMEI number.

Option 1: dr.fone

Icloud Unlock & Hack Helper V3 2 Free Download

The dr.fone platform is user-friendly and supports a wide range of iOS devices Costs start from USD$19.95. Here are the steps to use dr.fone:

Step 1: Download the dr. fone tool. Launch it and click on the ‘Unblock’ option from the main screen

Step 2: Connect your device to the computer now

Step 3: Press the ‘Unlock Apple ID’ button

Step 4: Enter Password. Tap on ‘Trust this Computer’

Step 5: Follow the instruction to reset all the settings from your device. You can now reboot your iPhone

Step 6: Turn your iPhone on. The iCloud Lock should now be unlocked

Step 7: A new window should pop up that says that the process has been completed

IMPORTANT: dr.fone only supports iOS devices operating on iOS11.4. It is because of this restriction that we would not recommend this platform.

As mentioned at the beginning of this section, an iPhone’s 15- or 17- digit IMEI number is used by your mobile phone company to match the phone to the networks, so it can figure out who is making calls. It is also used to keep a blacklist of stolen phones. Below are two iCloud Activation Lock removal services that require you to use your device’s IMEI number.

Here are 2 simple ways to retrieve this IMEI number. You only need one, so simply choose the method that is easiest for you:

  1. Find your IMEI by Dialling a Code

Icloud Unlock And Hack Helper-v3.2 Download

You can access the iPhone’s IMEI number by dialling the code *#06#. You do not need to hit the green call button, as it will register automatically. The IMEI code will then appear on the screen.

  • Find your IMEI Using iOS Settings

Open the Setting app > General > About > Scroll down to locate the IMEI number (under the heading ‘Primary’).

Now that you have your IMEI number, you can now remove your iCloud Activation Lock. Here are 2 iCloud Activation Lock removal services you can use to do this:

Option 2: AppleiPhoneUnlock

Icloud Unlock Hack Helper V3 2 Download Windows 10

AppleiPhoneUnlock takes a couple of days to complete an unlock. They charge around USD$60 but the actual price varies depending on the model you are wanting to unlock. Fees are paid in 2 parts- an initial deposit and then a final payment a day or 2 later. After you have found your IMEI number, here are the steps to using AppleiPhoneUnlock:

Step 1: Go to AppleiPhoneUnlock.uk and pick the model of iPhone or iPad from the drop-down menu and enter the IMEI number

Step 2: Click the ‘Unlock now!’ button

Step 3: You will then be redirected to the secure checkout. Enter your email address to get updates of the unlocking process

Step 4: Click the ‘Continue’ button and provide your payment details

Step 5: If they are able to unlock iCloud on your device, you will be sent confirmation of your order and a request for payment of the final fee

Step 6: Wait for the unlock to be processed

Step 7: Once complete, set up your device with your own iCloud account and use it as normal

Option 3: DoctorUnlock.net

Icloud Unlock Hack Helper V3 2 Download Full

DoctorUnlock.net generally takes about 3-4 days to complete an unlock. They charge around USD$28 but the actual price varies depending on the model you are wanting to unlock. Fees are paid in 2 parts- an initial deposit and then a final payment at a late stage. After you have found your phone’s IMEI number, Here are the steps to using DoctorUnlock.net:

Step 1: Go to the official site of DoctorUnlock.net on your computer and select your iPhone model

Step 2: Select your mobile carrier

Step 3: Insert your IMEI number and then click the ‘Unlock now’ button

Step 4: Follow the instructions and then wait for the confirmation email which will allow you to track the unlocking process

Icloud Unlock Hack Helper V3 2 Download

Step 5: After payment is completed, the iCloud Activation Lock removal process will take a few days to complete, depending on your carrier

DoctorUnlock.net does not violate any terms or warranties from Apple and it removes the iCloud Lock permanently. The platform has specialists that are on-hand to help you with any concerns or questions that you may have and because of its user-friendly platform and affordable price point, while still being an effective method of removing an iCloud Activation Lock, we recommend DoctorUnlock.net. Still not convinced? Check out the reviews.

There are many roads to be taken in unlocking your device’s iCloud Activation Lock; you can retrieve the original iCloud details by enlisting the help of the original seller who sold you the device or your local Apple store (provided your device wasn’t stolen!) or you can bypass the iCloud lock yourself, albeit through potentially dangerous means- like installing untrustworthy software on your computer or changing your DNS servers, both of which can leave your device in a zombie-like state. To guarantee the safety of all your devices, however, we recommend the use of a removal service, using your device’s IMEI number. Services like AppleiPhoneUnlock, dr.fone and DoctorUnlock.net, require little effort on your part, having been proven to be effective are safer than third-party tools or methods that require you to literally take your phone apart. The particular service that we recommend is DoctorUnlock.net because of its stellar reviews, easy-to-use and affordable platform and effective and timely service.

Regardless of which route you take, make sure to be fully aware of all associated risks- the last thing you want after finally having access to your device is wasting a lot of time and money, your device effectively being reduced to a chunk of expensive glass and metal.