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Best instruction for Hello Neighbor APK Description. This application of the guide focuses on modifications available to Hello Neighbor. We have included the instruction on how to install them - follow them if you want to install the mods in the correct way. Our guide also includes the best mods for Hello Neighbor. How to Download ‘Hello, Neighbor’ for Free (Pre-Alpha Version) Click on the Download button on the sidebar, and a new tab will open to the ‘Hello, Neighbor’ download page. Scroll down the page and then click on the Download The Free Alpha Demo Now button. You will need to create an account. Hello Neighbor Gameplay. 1.0 for Android. 5.6 199 Reviews 50 Posts. Download APK (80.2 MB) Versions. Using APKPure App to upgrade Hello Neighbor Gameplay, fast, free and save your internet data. Hello Neighbor – by installing this new product you have all chances to become a true paranoid (Fortunately, virtual), knowing his respectable appearance of a neighbor with a rollicking mustache in 'dark Affairs'. Our story begins a normal summer day – the protagonist, walked the streets of the city, kicking boredom. Walkthrough for Hello Neighbor alpha! 4 bonuses, promo codes, awards and other ways to get an advantage. Walkthrough for Hello Neighbor alpha! 4 hacks cheats are usually illegal, so choose our tricks & advices that give you a better start.

Hello Neighbor 2 is an upcoming sequel to the raucous stealth-action thriller of 2018. The game is developed by Eerie Guest Studios that has recently changed its name from Dynamic Pixels. Luckily for all of us, Hello Neighbor 2 alpha is already available for PC, and we’re ready to introduce the game to you! Hello Neighbor 2 download for PC is totally free.

Good Old Neighbor?

Based on the latest Hello Neighbor 2 demo, Hello Neighbor 2 gameplay will be quite similar to the original title. However, AI algorithms have evolved a lot since then. The enemies always explore the environment and behave naturally so that you cannot always predict their actions. The new AI can even learn your navigation patterns and replicate them to outsmart you with your own strategies. It also has a variety of random daily routines that include such realistic actions as cooking, sleeping, and doing some secretive stuff too. The atmosphere when you play Hello Neighbor 2 is pretty much the same, but you’re much freer than in the original game. The start of the new story is more than intriguing, but we won’t include spoilers in the review!

Open Raven Brooks

The first thing you notice when you download Hello Neighbor 2, is that Raven Brooks has become an open-world terrain. Another new feature in the Hello Neighbor 2 code is that the plot of the game and the decorations around may change depending on your decisions. The final version of Hello Neighbor 2 play style may differ, but sandbox and randomized events presented in Hello Neighbor 2 alpha 1 will remain as a key feature.

Worth Waiting

As you see, developers of Hello Neighbor 2 game are working at something even more deep and thrilling. Hello Neighbor 2 alpha 1 download is already available on Steam and Microsoft Store for Windows PC. Unlike the previous chapter, it mostly has Very Positive marks by alpha testers. Moreover, Hello Neighbor 2 free download will be available until the full release of the game along with all patches and bug fixes.


  1. How to download Hello Neighbor 2?

Hello Neighbor Apk Hack Download

Hello Neighbor Apk Hack Download Free

Currently, Hello Neighbor 2 download is available for free on the Steam store and Microsoft Store. Both versions are totally the same and introduce you to the world of the upcoming game. Hello Neighbor alpha 2 free download will be available on the same stores as soon as it comes out.

  1. Is Hello Neighbor 2 for PC only?

Hello Neighbor 2 alpha download is only for PC users, but the full version of the game will also be released for Xbox One and the next-gen console Xbox Series X. That’s good news for those who want better graphics! Hello Neighbor 2 download free version already supports the best quality settings, but they will be better on Xbox series X.

  1. How to play Hello Neighbor 2?

The new game is played similarly to the original chapter as it features 1st person action. However, the world of the game will become more open and detailed so that you can experiment with strategies and explore it for free. Get Hello Neighbor 2 alpha now and try it yourself.

1.0on Android


Find out, what's up neighbor, don't get caught in his eyes

Hello Neighbor – by installing this new product you have all chances to become a true paranoid (Fortunately, virtual), knowing his respectable appearance of a neighbor with a rollicking mustache in 'dark Affairs'. Our story begins a normal summer day – the protagonist, walked the streets of the city, kicking boredom ball. Suddenly he heard a frantic cry, coming from a neighbor's home. Get close enough, out the window he saw, as the man's nervous movements and hastily closes the door key.

Naturally, our curious Tomboy decides to find out, who locked up a potential villain in his house, what you need to get into housing and to explore its length and breadth. Hello Neighbor – this mobile project, referring to the genre of stealth-horror, which was ported to mobile platforms from computers. The main feature of the novelties is the self-learning artificial intelligence, as to any action the neighbor responds immediately. For Example, once climbing into the house through the basement, the next time to be inside in this way you do not get – villain just hang on the door with a heavy lock, and on the path near the house he could easily set traps and traps.

So do not underestimate the opponent – he is crafty, intelligent and prudent! Besides in the game Hello Neighbor there are no tips, and if the first two acts, you can still overpower, the passage of the third Chapter periodically have to spy on the Internet, fortunately this possibility has already appeared. Graphic design of the new pleased with not only full 3D, but the elusive original style, which remains in the memory and leaves a pleasant 'aftertaste'. So, if you like puzzles, move on the locations secret from prying eyes and the solution of clever puzzles, this release from the Studio tinyBuild, you should definitely try to go!


Package name
GenreAdventure games
RequirementsAndroid 7.0 +
Devicesfor phone, for tablet
LanguageEnglish (+83 localizations)

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