Hack S3 Download Multiple Files Free

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  1. Hack S3 Download Multiple Files Free Full
  2. Hack S3 Download Multiple Files Free Version

Tks for the code, but I am was trying to use this to download multiple files and seems like my S3Connection isn't working, at least that my perception.

Newbiew here, trying to access first my bucket with a print but isn't working....

import boto
import sys,os
from boto.s3.key import Key
from boto.s3.connection import S3Connection

Hack S3 Download Multiple Files Free Full

download_location_path = os.path.expanduser('~') + '/s3-backup/'

if not os.path.exists(download_location_path):
print('Making download dir')

def backup_s3_folder():
bucket_name = 'enterprise-2'
access_key = 'enterprise7'
secret_key = 'xxxxx'
host = 'etc.org'
ports = 9021
connect = S3Connection(access_key,secret_key,host,ports)
bucket = connect.get_bucket('ed5-enterprise-data-services-uat-2')

for l in bucket_list:
key_string = str(l.key)
s3_path = download_location_path + key_string
print('Current file is ', s3_path)
except (OSError, S3ResponseError) as e:
if not os.path.exists(s3_path):
except OSError as exc:
import errno
if exc.errno != errno.EEXIST:
if name 'main':

Amazon S3 is an incredibly useful Storage as a Service (SaaS) product, notable for the scalability of its object storage infrastructure which leverages Amazon’s global e-commerce network.

What are the best Amazon S3 UI tools?

Unlike more consumer-facing products such as Dropbox or Google Drive, Amazon S3 is aimed squarely at developers who are comfortable accessing their storage space using a command-line interface.

Fortunately for those who prefer to manage their files in a more user-friendly way, there are a variety of tools available which allow you to interact with data stored on Amazon S3 cloud servers using a GUI interface.

5 Best Amazon S3 UI tools: In-depth analysis


  • Freeware (with low-cost premium option)
  • A versatile range of features
  • Managed back-up subscriptions also available
  • Windows and macOS


  • Free users must rely on community support
  • No Linux support

Our favorite Amazon S3 interface tool is Cloudberry Explorer, in no small part because in its basic form it is freeware!

Even the free version allows users to back up files locally (as well as to S3 servers), export files and folders to zip files, create bootable USBs, retain unlimited file versions, and more. There is a maximum file size limit of 5 GB, but the freeware version of Cloudberry Explorer should provide all the functionality needed for those with modest S3 management needs.

If you run a business with more demanding requirements, the Explorer Pro software costs a one-off fee of just $39.99 (with volume license discounts available). This raises the maximum file size to 5 TB and adds a load of useful features, such as encryption and compression, multi-threading, FTP support, upload rules, search, and more.

Freeware customers must rely on community support, while Pro customers benefit from direct email support from Cloudberry. The company also offers subscription-based managed backup services which can back up data to your Amazon S3 account.

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Hack S3 Download Multiple Files Free Version

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