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Posted By admin On 29/11/21
I got really lazy about certain aspects of this game, so I made a personal addon to address the issues I had... the whole idea was to facilitate ultimate laziness around mundane tasks.
I plan to periodically update this as I find more things that I start feeling lazy about. These features aren't meant to be ground breaking, but they are meant to be super lightweight and dependable.

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  1. The CROSSBONES Build is an amazing burst damage build for the Stamina Necromancer in The Elder Scrolls Online, combining Skeletal Bombs with ESO’s only Crossbow skill! With powerful damage, fantastic speed, and amazing health recovery, this build is great choice for Grinding XP or any other type of Solo Content in ESO.
  2. With CheatAutomation’s Friday The 13th Hack you can hunt down the counselors with ease as Jason and cut them down with the help of our deadly Bone Aimbot.Alternatively, escape the camp or kill Jason as a counselor, using our Player ESP and 2D Radar to avoid Jason while you keep track of the other counselors, and use our Item ESP to gear up with the best equipment or find what you need to escape!
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  4. The XP mod, Full instructions of the XP MOD: https: XPMOD 1. Download and run EP Launcher. Click on Tools - gt; Launch XPMOD. Get someone else.

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All features currently listed below can be toggled on or off, and any features I add in the future will also have the same option.
Run '/lhacks' in game to see current settings and the toggle flags.List Just place the listed options after '/lhacks' and a space to toggle them in game.
  1. Compass Boss Bar - The giant red boss bar that covers the compass... this feature turns that off so you can use your compass while fighting bosses. Many other addons include an extra boss health bar anyway.
  2. Recharge Weapons - Recharges your weapons as you use them (even in combat). Weapon will be recharged instantly (if you have soul gems) once your weapon reaches 2 remaining charges.
  3. Repair Gear - Gear is repaired automatically if you have non-crown repair kits that can fix your armor. Gear repair happens automatically in combat if it degrades during combat once your gear hits 2%. Since dying can break your armor from as high as 12% and repairs cannot be done while dead, your gear will be instantly repaired upon reviving by soul gem or wayshrine instead. (Basically, if you have repair kits you should never find yourself using them manually as you would be wasting them)
  4. Repair/Recharge sounds - Choose whether or not the standard recharge/repair sound is played