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08) Pokemon Prism. This is the very first GBC ROM hack to make our list of best ROM hacks for 2021. Pokemon Prism is a hack of Pokemon Crystal and the story is probably taken from it. You play as the child of Lance who is the Pokemon Champion in Crystal.

Author: longlostsoldier
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Completed v1
Pokemon Fire Yellow is a hack of Pokemon FireRed. When talking about something yellow in any Pokemon world, maybe many of us will think about Pikachu first.
Right, this hack is a game which is talking about Pikachu and takes the theme of this lovely yellow creature.
In your living place, when reaching the necessary age… you have to go to school and obtain a Pokemon Trainer License. Why so? Because you can become a Pokemon Trainer, you can choose any Pokemon you like. And now is the time for you to do that. Unfortunately, your neighbour Gary is now an official Pokemon Trainer and he doesn’t need to go to school anymore. It is okay, no need to rush. You will get a Pokemon from someone else, not Professor Oak anymore because he is going somewhere to hunt for Clefairy. When you get the license, you will have the chance to do what you always want. These days, an evil team called Team Rocket is plotting to do something very very bad. Hmmm, do not let them stay where they are. Stop their doing before too late.
You will follow Pikachu/Raichu in this game.
Basically, this hack is an open-world game so that you can freely go anywhere you want. No need to use HMs.
The chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon is increased.
Special/Physical Split is available.
Have Fairy type.
Pikachu, Raichu, Eevee’s stats are adjusted.
Meet some Hoenn Pokemon in Kanto.
You can activate a mode to have the same levels as your enemies.
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First off I just want to say that this hack is meant to look plain graphically. That's the whole point. For reasons I would rather not get into in this it will almost definitely not receive a full blown tile/ow makeover. So if you're looking for a hack that is just all new tiles then this is NOT the hack for you.
As some of you may know, I'm Joexv, creator of Pokemon Blackened Night and The Holiday hack Series. Long long ago, I joined this site to start working on Pokemon hacks. After about a year of learning, I released Pokemon Blackened Night. As it continued to grow and I grew in my hacking skills I decided it was time to write up stories for a sequel and possibly a prequel to the game. Each game being its own story line I could easily release and create them as I saw fit. It wasn't until I stopped major production on BN that I actually got down to working on the sequel as a possible project to replace my main focus. And that is how A New Dawn was born. Not only a new project to me, but a project for all. A New Dawn, will feature a revolutionary story line system that is created by you, the players.
A New Dawn will feature multiple stories and countless side stories that are created by players. Any one can submit a story line or side story for the hack. Not all stories will be accepted of course. But if your story is approved, then you can expect it to be added into the game, one way or another.

Download Pokemon Gba Hack Terbaru 2018


The black sun. A calamity caused by the power of the Arcanate Machine turned Black by the Black stone. Team Night caused the Arcanate Machine to produce a dark light that would cause the fabled 'Darkness' to rise from its tomb to envelop the world into an endless night know once as the 'Eternal Night'. Team Night's plans were foiled by a young orphan from Southfalls City who's family was killed by the 'Darkness' when he was a small baby.
3 years later the Altar Region has grown and prospered. Until one day a new threat to their peace rises up from the shadows. A threat with ambitions so high that it will reach the heavens....

Excuse any and all grammar errors or typos as this is only a rough draft of the story:
3 years after the 'Eternal Night' crisis, the Altar Region has returned to peace and prosperity.
4 young adults begin a new chapter in their lives as students of the famous Professor Rose of the Altar Insula.
Little did they know hidden in the shadows and ruin of the failed Team Night, sinister Pokemon cloaked in shadows start to appear in the Isles. Just as the students begin their journey, Professor Rose mysteriously disappears sending the students' journey down many dark paths.

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New Regions(obviously)
2 different Pokemon Leagues, each with 4 gyms, and their own champion. Plus an additional champion of both regions.
FR/LG style tiles with a nice needed twist, to keep that nostalgic feel while creating anew atmosphere
Over 10 different starter options
Travel with companions
Gameplay is setup as chapters
Community driven chapters!
Side Quests!
Pokedex split into two to reflect the northern and southern half of the Altar Insula
There will roughly be 350 Pokemon between the two regions(Northern and Southern)
Shadow Pokemon(Yes another hack with Shadow Pokemon. But we're taking a little spin with it)
Shadow Pokemon act like Primal Mega Evolutions - Release your Pokemon's inner darkness!
Pokemon will become corrupted if they are not friendly with their trainers
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