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  1. The game High School Story is a free simulation game that you can download on your Windows PC computer, or on any Android device if you have a smart phone.
  2. High School Story is completely free to play, but you can purchase some in-game items with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, you can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. To our players: Thank you for your passion. Pixelberry is a firm believer that games can make a difference.
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High School Story hack is meant for the mobile game where you get to build the school of your dreams. You can play through the story mode by making choices that will affect what happens next. Go on dates, unlock new characters, throw parties and play with your friends. There are plenty of things to do outside of the school. Like going on a trip for spring break or planning your own fashion show. The game is regularly updated with new missions and characters so you will never be bored.

HP hack: You need to hack server. MP hack: Unless you are a mage, you need to hack the server. Level hack: You have to hack server. NX hack: Server hack too. Jump hack: Disconnects after 3 seconds of flying. Speed attack: Disconnects you to login server after 5 seconds of mass attacking. (This actually is not true.

What This Game Is All About

Choose between being a jock, a prep or a nerd at the beginning of the game. You will be able to add more students to your school as you meet new people by attending parties. Players can date the boyfriend or girlfriend of their dreams and set up friends. It is possible to battle other schools during homecoming games. There are different events you can take part in, such as prank wars or science fairs. And the best part is that you get to build your own campus and decorate it however you want.

You can hack High School Story to benefit more in this version that features different mini games. There is a fun intro to code features that will help you learn a few basics for coding. Some mini games require you to guess the meaning of words. Then matching words with their meaning and matching words with their synonyms. You can also buy some outfits, customize your students and decorate your school.

Use the Free High School Story Game Hack

Download High School Story Hacked Version 2

High School Story hack is a free game hack that gives you access to different items you will need to progress in the game. Buy books in your classrooms to level up students. Obtain rings, tickets and other items by completing quests. Then get items to decorate your campus and new outfits for your students. You can also obtain rings by playing mini games at the library.

Complete quests to progress in the game. There are quests that are a part of the main story while others can be done on the side to help characters and classmates. Completing enough quests will help you obtain the items you need to create the Party Central. It is advised to have a Party Central in your school to attend parties. This is the best way to recruit new students for your school.

Start dating and setting up your friends once you unlock the island of love. It’s recommended to complete some quests in the main story and to obtain enough coins to unlock the island. The player gets rewarded with more coins and rings if a date is successful. You cannot go on dates until you have unlocked the island.

There is an in-game store where you can buy items such as rings, coins, tickets, pencils and books. A lot of players end up spending money on these items so they can progress faster in the game. If you do not want to spend money in the game store, you should think about using the hack tool instead. You can use hacks to get access to all the items you need to keep progressing in High School Story without having to spend any money.

Cheats Turn Your Game On

Download high school story hacked version 2

Using High School Story cheats is fun but some aspects of the game can get repetitive after a while. And you might feel stuck in the game. Usually it means having not enough time or resources to complete some important quests to level up. Not being able to upgrade your campus with the party central or with the island of love can be frustrating. Since you are missing out on some important features of the game and a lot of work is required in order to unlock these features.

Download High School Story Hacked Version Pc

Playing through the quests that belong to the main story of the game is fun. Some of these quests can be time consuming. You can use hacks to skip through some of these quests or to finish them faster. You can also use hacks to complete the side quests faster. The side quests are fun because you get to know more about a character or a student. However, the rewards are not as interesting as what you can obtain by completing the main story quests.

Level Up with Books

Using a High School Story hack will give you access to the books you need to level up your students at a faster pace. Getting enough books to keep levelling up your students can be difficult. You can start adding more students to your campus thanks to the party central. Obtain the rings and coins you need to purchase new outfits for your students and to get the items you want to decorate your campus.

Using cheats will make High School Story a lot more fun to play. You won’t have to play repetitive mini games or spent a lot of time on completing quests to progress in the game. You can focus on the aspect of the game that is the most fun for you. Whether it is decorating your campus or picking out new outfits for your students. High School Story is a great game but some things can become time-consuming, especially as you progress further into the game. That raises a need for more time and resources to complete quests.

Whether to Use a High School Story Hack Tool or Not

Using a hack tool also means that you can unlock new items for your students, new outfits and new dates. This will keep the game interesting and you won’t have to miss out on items that are available for a limited amount of time because you don’t have enough rings or coins to get them. This is a quick and easy way to progress in the game without having to spend long hours on mini games or on quests that are not really fun.

You should think about the way to hack High School Story if you feel that you are progressing too slowly. It will give you access to the items you need to keep levelling up in the game, unlock new items and have more fun.

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